My pact with Azazel. So far dissatisfied

So about a month in to my 90 day pact with Azazel now. I agreed to work with only him and his legions from the BOA, etc.
Now first of all, I’m not new to this. Been doing this for a few years. Evocation, Invocation, Black Magic, etc.
I have a nice home, Good living, My own boss, i got a lot going for me.
That is until my Pact with Azazel.
Almost immediately on day one, my wife left me. Filed for divorce. Seemingly out of nowhere. I mean things were a bit rough, but I didnt see this coming.
I asked Salas’ash for a big sum of money. And I got, Tens of thousands even, within 24hrs, pretty fast. But I had to sell something very dear to me to get it. Again, not what I was expecting. So my Family is gone, My living situation is uncertain, and I’m still waiting on prosperity, love and career goals, that I see no signs of yet so far. We’re about a month in to the 90 day pact. I gotta admit, I feel like bailing on this. I really want my family back. I know Azazel removed her as a blockage. But still. I have some Baneful working going on too, but I’m not seeing much progress on that front either.
So to sum it up, Azazel seemed to take more from me than he has given. I’m not too happy at the moment. Had I known, I probably wouldnt have started this. But for now I’m doing my best to stick it out.

My question, has anyone else had similar situation results with theyre pacts?
My pact was pretty much the same as EA’s (I based it on his), except modified slightly for what I needed it to be.

Would like to hear from others.


First of all I’m sorry your going through so much. I can very much relate to this as well. Blockages have to be removed and the pact does do it in very shocking ways. The ugliness and hardships come out before WHAT YOU TRULY want. A pact doesn’t deliver things how you want it, but what the demon sees correct. I can promise you one thing though, in the end it will be all worth it. I create pacts for a living to clients all over the world. 95% of the time hell literally breaks loose in their lives and then MIRACLES shine through. Even myself, doing pacts for me has come with destruction and many hardships. But there’s ALWAYS victory in the end. Believe. Have faith. You have a beautiful future ahead. Your energy reveals March 29, 2019 as victory. Stay blessed!


Thank you @Truthbetold. I’m hanging in there. This is definatley the bad times. But I’m not gonna quit. I’m sticking with it. I almost had a argument with Azazel today, if that makes sense. I threw down my pact and yelled a lot while standing in the circle of pacts. In the end I picked it back up put it away and decided to plow ahead. This is some tough shit. Hopefully I start seeing signs soon that this was all worth it. And I am putting in the work to create prosperity. I dont expect something for nothing. I’m busting my ass there creating channels for prosperity to flow through. But it isnt easy with these circumstance. Its like he’s making it difficult on purpose for me to get in the right headspace to focus on work. But I’m determined.
And your date of March 29, 2019, is very encouraging. That would be wonderful if Victory was mine that soon. Thank you so much @Truthbetold :blush:


If you read EA’s Book of Azazel, the same thing happened to him. He had asked for the flow of prosperity and then promply lost his job and investments.


So why make a pact with him if you will lose the people you love and your money?


I made a chicken offering for money he gave me some thinks are just above 0 I will see in time last time he gave me a car with soooooo much hearache I dont know, as far as I see the perfect spirit acording to one magitian is Sandalphon the dude made an altar with silver nugets and expensive perfumes dedicated to sandalphon the spirit has to work I havent tried yet. 2 Spirits told me to leave the occult for a while as to not go insane. Azazel I feel and Michael.

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Also need to point out I have noo clue but some spirits are teaching me loads of stuff like litrely giving me wisdom maybe its myself but I cannot know I am grateful.


Because EA got back more than he lost. The key is trusting the spirits.


For anyone who is interested, I will provide updates along the way. I hate it when people dont post updates.
But also I’m interested to hear anyone else who’ve been through this with their pacts.
As I said, I’m gonna finish what I started.I will see it through. I’ll keep you all posted.
If it all ends up being worth it, you’ll know.


Following this post because I’m interested in seeing how it turns out for you.

As I recall, as it’s been said, EA lost his job almost instantly as well when having a pact with Azazel.


Keep posting updates, I’ll be watching. Thanks for the work in advance!


Same thing here and rocky marriage now.

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Hold to it,

Immediately after losing my job and investments i was offered another with no effort on my part and plans for growing a new business.

Marriage is rocky right now so ill let you know if i remember and if anything changes there.


Here’s something a lot of people don’t like to hear. We hold ourselves back because we don’t let go and will cling to old habits or people we’ve grown apart from. I know I’m very guilty of this myself. Most of the time though it’s actually less painful to deal with cutting these things away then it is to be slowly suffocated by them. There is a freedom from chaos and ruin. Once the old is torn away, the building can begin. I’m sorry you’re hurting, it really does get better and Azazel is pretty amazing if you get to know him.


6 months ago I made a pact with a different entity, at my absolute lowest, or so I thought. Soon after that I became homeless with my children. Before I was living in an apartment my ex owned which he used to control me. I was absolutely stuck in moving forward in any way for years and still depended on him. I couldn’t free myself from it because of fear and selfdoubt. I didn’t see a solution. Things happened that forced me to, my ex’s mental health deteriorated which was terrifying at times and one day he tried to harm me, and I was forced to leave my hometown and stay at a “safehouse” for 4 months, lost almost all of our belongings and our beloved pets. I have paid dearly. But two weeks ago I’ve found a house for us and it’s perfect. Beyond anything I hoped for. Beyond anything we had before. I made new likeminded friends in this town and I’m going back to school, as I wanted to for years and my children are doing great. I think things at times get much worse before they get better. I wasn’t able to rid myself of the ties that bound me, so events were set in motion that forced it to happen.


You are only one third of the way through your pact. I am absolutely sure Azazel is going to follow through on your pact. I am working with him right now as well and he has been the best. He has come through for me on many occasions. These things tend to take time and you have a set amount of time for your pact to take place. Let Azazel do his work and all will be good. Even if it doesn’t seem so at the time.

Hail Azazel


This happens, trust your guides know best. They are beyond time… Going through a rough patch too. Gf suddenly wanted to start over because we dove in and skipped a lot of the dating experience.

What i asked for was help us get through our individual traumas so her and i coild be happy. They are forcing us to distance in order to learn trust.

At first its been hard. But when we are together we are so much more passionate than when we were dating. We have time to miss eachother and were both confident we will come back together.

Just go with things


Ok so, just over a month in, and as promised, here’s an update:

So as many of you have said to hang in there, thats what I’ve done. I’m a man of my word so I stayed in the pact.
I’m happy to say, I think I can see things turning around and getting better.
My feelings have started to change about the things I’ve lost, my wife leaving, etc,.
I see a lot of new doors opening now. And I’m not as concerned about the ones that have closed behind me. Some of these new doors, so to speak, hold some real promise. So far I havent fully walked thru any of them, but I’m finally starting to see them. My spirits are high now and if a few or even one of the special new opportunities that are just starting to be revealed actually go as i hope they do, it will certainly all have been worth it.
Keep in mind had I been on the same path in life as I was on one short month ago, none of these doors would be open now. So now I’m fully putting my trust in Azazel. It looks like some miracles are shaping up.
So a big “Thank you” to Azazel. I’m still with ya.
Hail Azazel!

PS. I will also keep updating this thread, I’m hoping it can help others as well as myself to follow someones journey.


That is awesome to hear!

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I lost heaps of stuff when I worked with Lucifer-Amaymon, however my life has been rebuilding in the way that it needs to… since working with Azazel also I lost a heap of things, including all my clothes, which I now have back, way better than before and am moving back to an awesome space that had gone by the wayside due to events beyond my control over recent years. In fact during the Lucifer - Amaymon pact I cleared the space of a load of shit - and during my time with Azazel I am moving back in there, with a new focus, new furniture and new vision for the future. The power I feel there in my space now is way over and above anything I have felt there before. So the way I see it is that with the pacts, the BS is cleared first, then the rebuilding/refining happens. I was told by Azazel to buy fine jewelry, so I went to a place and tried on a ring of a dragon’s head, that just happened to be there and I couldn’t get it off, no matter how hard I tried. So I mentally said, "Azazel! Get it off! " and it immediately came off. So I bought it and shifted it to another finger where it fits alot better and consider it a tangible reminder of Azazel’s wisdom and influence and to call on him often.