My own personal 72 goetia challenge

Want to begin this challenge. I am still working through my big three - Deipnon, Noumenia, and Agathos Daimon, but I am making this a placeholder for the 72 challenge I would like to begin a new process of integration and magical expansion, thus I will begin evoking the 72. I will be considering my own health and self care in the endeavor, so will not commit to daily, but I would like to fearlessly work through the 72. I will be seeking Hekates blessing on the matter as I leave my gifts at the crossroads.

But either way, I will be utilizing Demons of Magick, as it has become my preferred method of evocation, and I will begin with Bael. Thinking about it, I am actually quite excited to evoke him.

In demons of magick, Bael’s purview is regarding hidden workings, being hidden and mind ya business! While I would like to ask that he begin the unlocking process, I think I might also ask him if the converse is true - to perceive that which is hidden or sought to be concealed. That has been one of my occasional “gifts”, so to speak, so perhaps he would be appropriate to help me with expanding that. Either way, I want to learn who Bael is from Bael, then proceed.

Wish me luck! Will post first encounter when my big 3 are done for this cycle.


Funny, all day during today’s solar eclipse, I’ve had my patron demon, Belial, pushing the feeling and nagging in the back of my thoughts that I should take on the full Goetia 72 demons over the course of the next few years.
Im looking at an overwhelming feeling of tackling a mountain, but in the long run, it’ll prove life-changing no doubt.

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