My own experience with Rosier and Amon

Hello, everyone, I am Natalia. Today I want to make a post about my experience with Demons Rosier and Amon. So I was practicing Voodoo in the last two years, and one year back I decided to start working with demons. I have done my research I read books, related topics, and forums including this one, I started practicing meditation daily since about 9 months now, I learned how to get my energy balanced, since then I started to sense the energy in a more sensitive way, I closed my social media accounts because every time I go through all these sad and depressed people posted, I feel so bad and depressed as well.

Lately I got GOM books, and I went through everything carefully I have read “Demons of Magic by Gordon Winterfield”, Magical Attach, The Magic of influence, Demons of Wrath" among others not from GOM collection, and I picked 5 demons according to my understanding of each one of them: Sallos, Rosier, Amon, Dantalion, and Amdusias.

Before starting any ritual with any of these demons, I decided to meditate for each one so I got each demon sigil drawn, I picked up candles each color associated with demon color, and daily I do meditation for 2 demons ( for day demon I do meditate in day time, for night demons I do meditate at night time, also I found specific hours per demon and working according to that.)

Two days back, I was chanting and meditating “Rosier” Enn and I can say I feel the energy it’s getting stronger every time, but what happened then, as soon as I sat for meditation, I got a notification on my phone " From youtube ;one of the channels I am following posted Rosier Enn chanting video", at that time I smiled and I felt happy. The same night my bf who didn’t speak with me for one month called me.

My other experience with demon Amon was also great, I didn’t do much meditation for Amon but I felt much heavy and strong energy, the heavier among all. After I am done I felt some breath near my right ear and it went away and away slowly after 1 minute.

I think after 1-2 weeks I will start a few spells, will share the spells among the results which I am 100% sure I will get, here.



Welcome! Cool post, enjoy BALG :wink:

Hi! Thanks for sharing that. Could you explain a little more about the situation you were trying to fix? you mentioned your BF called after a month - had you broken up or what was going on? I’m trying to get my love back into my life and trying to work with jinn, demons and entities.

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We usually fight and brokeup every few days hehe we used to it, but at some point we feel that this relation causes pain and issues for both there is when we broke up like finally. And that time I didnt call back and try all what I always trying to do to fix the relation, so I went to Rosier asking for help, and my request done, I made the offering and since then we didn’t fight, yes he suppose to come to my country and we planned to travel for 2 weeks but something happened at his work and he postpone the trip to 18th of this month, everything under control and to be honest we are in this relation since years, but for the first time we are doing all without fighting lol its weird for us :joy:


My situation is much worse. We don’t speak at all but were really happy together for 13 years. We broke up 7 months ago and each day it kills me more…


I used same spell and it worked perfect, he contact me after I even blocked him saying sweet words and we planned to meet this weekend

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that sounds amazing, will begin my research on the two as I am facing a similar situation currently and wish to resolve things spiritually.