My own doing or my exs fault?

Hi im new here and this is my 1st proper post. Im wanting peoples opinions on regards to my ex who has fallen ill and whether its down to magick or his own doing and him deserving it.
My ex is a psychic vampire and I am an emapth. So he was very good at draining me over and over again. He abused me mentally for over 2 years on purpose so that he could get what he wanted out of me and I was being ill with his vile intentions. One day I woke up and decided I had had enough and ended the relationship. I knew if I stayed with him, then I would have ended up in a mental hospital because I felt like I was loseing my mind. Without me relising this at the time he kidnapped our 6 month old son and told me I would never see our son again unless I took him back. This made me so mad and angry that I got a close friend of mine to do a court spell on him so I could gain full custody and to make him pay. I got my son back but we was given shared custody even though my son has always lived with me instead of him. Yes he is a good dad but it didnt stop him from abusing me. He was useing our son as a weapon to still get at me and knew how to push my buttons making me madder and madder. He told me as our son grows up he will make sure our son knows what a witch I am, into magick and will hate me 1 day. This made me even madder to I put a karmic spell on him and decided that was it. As the months went by, he started to fall ill with mental health issues. He tried to commit suicide a few times, once he slit his throat in front of our son who is now 5 years old. He was sectioned 9 times within the last 2 years. He hasnt been able to see his son as much as he could do. His parents wont be around that much because he has lived with them from birth and they are in their 70s. My ex is in his late 40s. He is use to his parents looking after him and when they have gone he wont cope anymore. Its been mentioned by the mental health hospital that he will have to live in the hospital until he learns to become stronger and cope proper on his own which may rake years. He has recently told me he believes our son is better of without him because he misses his mum to much and cant cope with his lad anymore. So really the tables have turned in my eyes and yes he deserves this. But I didnt expect him to give up on his son. What your opinions on this? Did the karmic spell work or is this own doing for the abuse and nastiness he caused me?

You’ll probably never know if this is the result of your work or the fact that he somehow got enough insight into his mental health stuff to realise he’s not in a great place to play daddy.

Good dads don’t kidnap their kids to act as bargaining chips or slag off mum’s choice of spiritual/religious/magickal self-expression though, good parents who can’t agree over something huge like this explain what they believe and why in age-appropriate ways ONLY when it actually comes up as a topic, and then let the kid sort their own ideas out later.

So credit to him for working out that he isn’t in great shape now.