My opinion on karma

Do I believe in karma? Only partially. I believe that a selective and completely unfair karma exists. I believe that the earth is under the influence of some malevolent beings (some call them the theocrats or the Lords of karma) and that these beings inflict punishment upon certain people mostly because they’re a threat to them. I also believe that these beings force people to reincarnate against their will but that’s another story.

I used to believe in karma in the past, but you know what’s opened my eyes? The millions of animals that are tortured every years for the sake of meat, fur, science or even pure sadism. If everything is fair and everything is karma then what did they do to deserve that? This has absolutely NOTHING to do with the FOOD CHAIN. I’m not talking about just killing animals, I’m talking about torturing them in unimaginable ways! Humanity treats animals the same way nazi treated jews while they are absolutely the most loving and innocent creatures walking this earth! Trust me I’ve endeavored to find an answer to why were millions of animals tortured to death each years but all the theories I found were all complete BS. I’m not even going to waste my time telling you about the so called “theories” I found because they were completely ridiculous and made no sense at all.

Also, if karma is an universal law isn’t it supposed to apply to absolutely everyone? Because apparently demons are allowed to kill, torture etc. They have been doing this for centuries and never got affected by karma. I mention demons but it’s the same with gods and any other powerful spirits.

Now don’t get me wrong, if tomorrow I’d hurt someone I’m pretty sure that some malevolent dictator would severely punish me for it, and inflict what they call “karma”! But that would only be to scare me, because I’m ascending so they’d consider me to be a threat to them.

I may be wrong, but this is the conclusion I’ve drawn after years of reflection.

Some links I find helpful:


you are absolutly correct about this stuff the karma is mind control programming for slave are we slaves jes we can be programmed but i donr need a theory i just know there isnt a karma how do i know this if there was a karna i wouldnt be in oblivion three times if there was a god i would been terrorized for four years think it this way do as you wish and that will be law aliester crowely all the so called karma is ether destiny accident or just law of attraction


Or simply targeted attacks.

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jes that too :wink:

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Karma is BS in my humble opinion. Which is why I currently walk the light and dark. I have taken and given as much as I please. I do not think that polarity brings back what you put out in the hermetic principal, which is where that mostly derives from. What I do believe, what we bring in we put out which manifests the change. As magicians we bring the vibrations and energies in, and then expel them outward bringing us back to balance. For some reason no one seems to see it that way. Again just my opinion.

RHP believes just because you do not affect free will, you are not doing black magick. Nonsense to me. As I respect all practices one must put more thought into the 3 fold principles. If we do a money spell, where does that money from??? Not a money god, you are taking it away from someone else. Our energy flows in through the left hand chakra (Left Hand Path) and flows outward through the right hand chakra (Right Hand Path)…If you are bringing money in, you are still taking it from someone and affecting the will of others to give it to you. However in RFP there is no bad karma for doing this.

There are no gods and goddess that act as the Karma police in my opinion. I personally know some of the riches damn people I have ever met will run everyone over to get to the top and eat good, sleep good, and have splendid lives with no backlashes… I also know VERY good hearted people who cannot catch a break. Balance flies all around us coming from other people bc we all know here that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. But as the few that know the truth, we can protect ourselves, shield ourselves form the “Karma” of the universe.


My UPG on karma is that it’s a egregore made up by religious leaders throughout history. Originated from the human guilt and as well as those who were wronged. This egregore is only powerful if you feed it fear and believe in it. If you believe and fear karma then it exists in your life, if you don’t, it will wither away.


@John_Doe oh yes an egregore, I had never thought about it but it makes sense…

@Rcs4215 The money thing makes sense… However, who do you think the Lords of karma are? Because if you check my links some people attest to have met these malevolent beings


You know what… My gut told me if they exist, they will likely need to be informed of the situation. That is also what I saw in the brief_emphasized text_ skim through the article… I like it… One can conjure or inform these ascended masters of the issue and will bring balance back to the situation, whatever it may be…

But as far as NATURAL karmic law coming back to the individual… I personally do not think that exists

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it simply dosnt exist

Karma isn’t what most people think, a little more complex than it seems, look deeper into its workings and situations it manifests in and it’ll explain a little more on why “bad” things seem to happen to “good” people, good and bad in quotes because they don’t really exist.

jea most if not all things bad hapoen to good peopke to early death or fisase or i dont know many things indeed

The Hermetic principles of Polarity, Rhythm, and Cause and Effect are ‘karma-like’ but in a way that isn’t bullshit and actually works.

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Just curious what do you think of what I said since you mentioned hermetics. I like this topic

Ooh, siccing a ‘Karma’ egregore on your enemies who have been unjust, that is twisted. But you would do well to not let them see the injustice you have committed.

If you could do it in a way where it turns a blind eye towards you when you call upon it, then this would be awesome, but if not, you are in for a pyrrhic victory at best. At worst, it ignores your wishes and just focuses on you for having drawn it’s attention and you get fucked by it.


Karma is the power gave to humans, as one of many powers we have. Usually, it allows us to grow continually. But, it could be used in different ways also.

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I’ve been struggling with this lately. When I was RHP everything i ever read or person I talked to mentioned Karma. Don’t act against others thats black magic. I knew So and so and they did such and such and all this horrible stuff happened to them.

But what if someone I know is in real danger. What if theve got some energy vampire leaching off of them. What about my neighbor upstairs whose husband used to beat her. She has a restraining order on him but he still finds ways to terrorise her. People that will lie for him and give him false alibis when the police show up. He sends friends to bother her at work or their sons daycare. He’s broken into peoples apartments in our building and stolen things from them.

She doesn’t want to have to move she likes her apt, her job and this town. If I were do do something against him. Is there such a thing called karma that will come back to me if I use magic to protect her? To hurt him? I sense theres almost like a jenga tower of negativity over him that I could push to crash on him? Would it hurt me too?

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[quote=“Lola, post:1, topic:17666”]Trust me I’ve endeavored to find an answer to why were millions of animals tortured to death each years but all the theories I found were all complete BS.

The Nazis were the first political group to end animal vivisection, and to promote eating less or no meat - interesting factoid there.

If you know anything about Jewish holidays you may question the gentleness thing, but that’s too far off-topic.


This also makes me think, if you ask an entity to do it will the karma go to them, and be dissolved? Are they even effected by karma? My opinion is, if you believe in karma, if you believe that by pushing his Jenga tower, in turn yours will fall as well… Then you will be effected by it. Some protection spells could even defend against karma if it’s an egregore

@Lady_Eva yes I know about that, and that supposedly Hitler loved his dog. I never said that the nazi were responsible for animal cruelty I said it was humankind in general. Some say that Hitler was possessed by a spirit. Maybe this spirit loved animals and hated humans. Sadly it is not in human’s nature to place animal’s well being before theirs so this would reinforce the spirit possession theory even more.



Hello @Lola

I think what people refer to as karma is ‘you reap what you sow’, but for me there is only one kind of power/force and that is intention, all other things are ‘interference patterns’ created from the ‘mingling of intentions’, for instance ‘synchronicity’ or ‘coincidence’ is in resonance with the intention, where as ‘murphy’s law’ would be ‘disturbance’

What’s interesting here is that ‘like REPELS like’ but ‘opposites attract’. For me there are two states, motion or rest.

It is my understanding ‘white, black, grey magics’ are determined by their intent. So this is what would give them resonance.

It seems only in this small portion of visible universe ‘cause and effect’ is a law, so if we look at this from a ‘quantum standpoint’, our visible universe would be the two entangled particles’ that one point of consciousness is in view of …

But the GAPS do not function in this way, hence, ‘this is magic’. So as everything we see and understand ‘grows our visible universe’ we really have a small understanding of what our perceiving does in the scheme of it all.

The question is really, what does the INTENT accomplish? Magic is sort of a way of bringing an infinite possibility to ‘crystallization’ or formation, and well if you manifest something you must manifest its opposite too for wholeness.

This is ‘karma’ in my eyes, but most often I think the ‘other’ waves of potentiality (the ‘opposites’) will form in the astral first and with the sort of ‘time lag’ then manifest into reality.

As far as humans and animals, we reap what we sow. All ancients knew that everything is energy so it is a consumption issue. We are growing as consciousness, it is my belief everything in our visible universe is a piece of consciousness we have measured, perceptively somehow. This is why we see increasing what we perceive as ‘evil’, it is not, it is the journey of opposites as a catalyst for movement/change/evolution. We can’t know light without dark etc. we are moving past the power structure into ‘ethics’ now on a global scale.

What we must do is stay connected to magic, as we are ‘reason beings’ who perceive through rational means. Alll the other good stuff is buried in the collective, it’s in the gaps which is where the real info is :grin:

Hope that made some sense lol


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