My one man War against Yaweh

This is a story about hubris, betrayal, and eventual mass genocide(the good kind, trust me).

When I started on the left hand path a few months back, I was on a power trip. I was evoking everything I could, because I wanted to get the full experience of everything magic had to offer. A few of these were archonic entities, basically angelic, manipulative parasites. My senses weren’t fully trained yet, so it wasn’t like I could spot the difference between those and an actually helpful deity. The assumption was that light and dark can be balanced, and a strong enough magician can work with literally anything.

It took a few other psychically attuned people and demonolaters convincing me and me doing my own divinations to realize I was being controlled. And I was pissed. Pissed to the point I felt like I could burst into flames. So I pulled out Azazel’s sigil, stared at it for 2 seconds, and yelled “Take care of it”. Suddenly, all that built up anger was gone and I could hear him laughing. The energy in the room got really chaotic for awhile and settled down. That was the quickest manifestation I’d ever seen.

Now, at this point, I’m thinking this was a one off thing. They can’t all be bad right? Either way, I was only going to work with my main guides until things were sorted out. Skip to a week later, and a white magician I’ve been exchanging emails with has had a string of bad luck. Possible curse, and angel friend can’t help him apparently. Oh good. Here’s a chance to experiment.

I give him a sigil for an entity and the enn. Didn’t give them any info besides that. He reports back that not only could he feel the negative energy getting lifted, but the demon told him to banish the things he was working with. This is without my suggestion. At this point I say, fuck it. Turn up.

So now I’m obsessed. I’m going to every site I’ve ever know about that discusses the occult. I talk to the wiccas, and The Golden Dawn, the Hermeticists, the gnostics. And whenever someone has a really dire issue, I give them the same thing. Here’s a ritual to raise Qlippothic energy. Here’s a demon to break curses. Here’s a demon that does the same thing you were trying to do but more efficiently.

At least half the people I tried this with actually took me seriously(because I sound like a mad man obviously). Of those people, 1 pussyed out. 6 stopped working with their spirit guide, thanked me, and went on to experiment with a completely different system. 3 currently have alters to a demon in their homes now, and are on the left hand path.

So yeah. That’s the tale if my reckless stupidity and my single-minded quest for vengeance. What’s the lesson children? Know what the fuck you’re dealing with before you get too deep into it.


can you explain with names of angels and demons curently I work with angels- Archangels I worked with demons too much chaos maybe did something wrong

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Interesting read, I might be asking you for one of those at somepoint lol

I will probably never understand all that hate against Yaweh



If you’re not already doing so, now would be the right time to start your Magickal Journal. I’m old fashioned and recommend an inexpensive, hardback, ruled book and perhaps a special pen. In time Your Journal will be Your most powerful grimoire. Just saying…



lolz. YOU “get it”.

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What entities were you evoking?

He stated he was evoking angels.

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I know, I was hoping for some names.

smiles and hands you the entire Dictionary of Angels

He’s saying that angels are decievers?

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I have my own deep seated opinions on that but since everyone here believes angels when they speak of “love and light and no divisions” then its a waste of breath to even bother.

I refuse to work with angels and dont buy their fakey act or like their energy.


Michael and Raphael

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Okay, I’ll evoke Azazel, and see if he does the same for me.

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Difference between angels and demons is demons can be considered magnetic or yin energy and angels as electric or yang energy. This comes with differences in how they act and achieve the same goals and their general intentions but doesn’t mean they aren’t out for personal gain as well. They just have more discretion than demons in my experience. Also fun to note many supposed demons that people work with tend to have more in common with elemental or even angelic beings in their energy make up than pure demons. They just got that label for one reason or another.


Angels and demons are the same species with differing agendas/stances.

Angels are probably more subtle about it because they dont want to blemish the “perfect angel” reputation they spent thousands of years building.

I will never work with them. Ive had enough experiences with them to have determined we are not a good fit.


I think it mostly comes down to the balance of energies between both the magician and the beings they work with. Just like some people who could be judged as good and friendly will for some small differences in energy and personality immediately hate each other upon meeting.
That is my experience so far though I deal mostly in older beings that aren’t kept in the modern pantheons as much.


Yup. And angels grate my effin nerves. Like you, I work with a variety of old, but many of the other newer pantheons too.


Have you dealt much with Sumerian gods? Also might have a fallen angel you would like if you want to try that. He is really just a giant book worm. Also getting tad off topic so might have to move elsewhere.


yes, I have. PM me the name