My OH SHIT moment With Sallos!

I just signed up a few weeks ago. I practiced voodoo for 4 months. I’ve posted alot already because after years of denial, since childhood, I’ve Belonged to these beings. 2 weeks a ago I evoked Duke Sallos on a target I want. Target and I never hooked up yet. I’ve posted about synchronicities that started immediately. I evoked him a 3rd time last night with respect. Told him I’m not checking up. Told him I need his power to create opportunity. Tonight I seen target for 1st time in 9 weeks. She ran out of site, but for 2 seconds, I gave her a demonic smile. See , I charged his sigil with blood. I also carried it in my pocket to site. I also chanted his enn on way to site. Total control. I don’t even blink at times. My hair on my arms is standing up right now. I feel so powerful and at peace! It’s hard to sleep, but I’m so in tune with HELL right now!


He has that affect I told you! :unamused:

Wait so she ran away…? :joy:

Awesome :blush:

It’s a long story. It’s a pride battle. I didn’t ask her out when I could. She was pissed. Now encounters will start. I could have stopped her. Trust me. Sallos was in control. I had his sigil. I feel so possessed!

Not to get into the human side too much, I usually win. She knows that. She also knows I already love her. She rattled me enough to ensure I win. Duke Sallos is making major movements by the week. I practice my own shit. I’m carrying his sigil, charged with blood. Chanting enns. I’m closing no doors.

You can’t just go ask her out now? :joy:

Soon. I only pop up there on 2nd shift. She went 1st for a few months. We was teasing each other on line secretly. She on my time frame again after 2 weeks of Sallos.

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She knows I’m her last love on Earth. Hail Duke Sallos,!

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