My offerng to dantalion (not sure how good it is so need thoughts


so i decided to write short story for lord dantalion but not sure how it sounds its not complete i might turn it into a full length novel yet either i just started it but idk please feel free to put any input or comment …

                                       the demons mate and the three keys

I looked out the window, watching the clouds pass by thinking, this class couldn’t be more boring. The teacher droned on with her lesson as i started to do some drawing in my journal, a man with beautiful black hair and an elegant face and darkened eyes and a smirk that rest on his blissful face.

‘If only you were real…’ i thought to myself.

The bell rung as the final class of the day came to an end, i walked to my locker to grab my backpack and my jacket.


I jumped and looked at my friend sarah who had a starky smirk on her face.

“Don’t do that!” i yelled at her trying to catch my breath.

“Sorry, you make it too easy i can’t just leave you alone.” she laughed.

“Are you kidding me ? i swear your trying to kill me.” i told her.

“If i wanted to i’d do it already but i don’t. Any way hey you going to Jerry’s party tonight ? i hear it’s going to be off the wall insane” she said.

“Ok do me a favor……stop quoting michael jackson song titles in your speech and no i’m not……” i told her.

“I cant stop i haven’t got enough.” she laughed .

“And why its going o be so fun i can’t wait it’s going to be heaven tonight.” she sighed as we walked down the hall towards the exit.

“Why so i could go by myself while everyone else makes out with each other……no i’m good.” i tell her as i scrunch up my nose.

“Suit yourself……i’m going with your brother.” she smiled.

“Good luck with that.” i tell her as she hoped in his car and waved goodbye.

I shook my head and got in my car and drove home. Nikolai and my best friend Saah have been together for a while now its not as strange as it use to be seeing them together anymore it just leaves me feeling kinda left out.

I throw my keys on the kitchen table and walk up to my room and shut the door behind me.

I took out my canvas and drew the same guy again only this time, sitting in a chair next to a fireplace reading a book. I painted him in blacks and red colors. A few hours had passed and i was finished a perfect painted canvas of my imagination.

“Man….i wish you were real. Now what do i call you?” I said out loud to no one in particular.

‘Dantalion’ hear faintly.

I looked around the room as if someone was with me.

“Who’s there?” I call out.

But, no one replied.

“Yep….i’m officially going crazy. Dantalion huh….how do you even spell that…?” i mumble as i wrote the name on the canvas and signed it.

“Its done.” i said as i smiled and looked over my beautiful accomplishment.

I decided to take a shower and eat before i went to bed. I chanted that name over and over again in my head. I thought it fit perfectly, a beautiful name for a beautiful painting.

Once i got upstairs i felt this incredible strong energy it was strange. I sat on my bed and looked around the room then at my painting. I stared at it lovingly for a moment and thought i wish he was real one last time before i laid down. Then i heard it, it was like paper ripping, i immediately sat up from my bed and scanned the room, then my eyes laid back on the painting….the thought of what i was seeing made my skin crawl….the man was no longer looking at the book but, now he was facing me. I rubbed my eyes as another sound that sounded like it was paper was being torn was heard i looked back at the painting as the energy was getting stronger and my heart rate started to pick up faster, i started to panic, he was standing up completely and had a mischievous grin on his face.

“This can’t be happening….i’m dreaming i know i’m dreaming……” i said as he stepped out of the painting completely.

“This is no dream my dear.” was all i heard before i blacked out.


I like it :ok_hand:
I think Dantalion will love it.
Also you could make it into a novel.


you think so that makes me happy to hear/read n i was thinking i should im a book author i love to write n i been like writers block with my other books so i didnt kno if this sounded good or not


No it was great and i am the same way…
I love writing but i have writers block as well and sort of just stop writing part way through a novel.


its a bad thing to have really


It is for sure… And i know i write good but shrugs shoulders


id love to read your stuff some time cause i also like to read lol


I might be able to share some of it with you.
I would have to get it to my email though then send it here through that.
Lol, anyways i will keep it in mind.

(I will try to give you my favorite story that i have written… Its only partly done).


:slight_smile: i cant wait to read it


Pretty cool :tulip: It’s your own personal story written for him and he enjoys intimate offerings, so I think he will like it :+1:


Most spirits very much enjoy any form of art dedicated to them, because it is imbued with energy and intent, as well as being the result of time and devotion. Plus, it is a type of offering that can be enjoyed over and over again, especially if you yourself read it with appreciation for the spirit.

The quality of the art doesn’t matter too much. What matters is that you made the effort. A poorly drawn portrait is just as potent an offering as a painting by Rembrandt, if done with true appreciation and intent.

There was an old time radio play I heard once that illustrated this beautifully:

A simple man was taken in by some monks and in exchange he spent his time cleaning up and doing menial tasks for the monastery. At Christmas time, the monks were planning a feast for the Virgin Mary, with each of the monks making an offering to the Blessed Mother. The abbot of the monastery painted a beautiful portrait; another monk sculpted the finest vase, and still another offered a tapestry made from golden thread.

Now, this simple man became upset because he had no such offering. He felt dejected, and worthless, and wracked his brain for something he could give. He didn’t have anything material to his name, but what he did have was a love of juggling, so that was what he decided to offer.

He crept into the Temple, when no one was around to see and, before the statue of the Virgin, he made his offering. He put everything he had into it, his skill, his devotion, his love. When he was through, he knelt at the feet of the statue, out of breath, and sweating, and the abbot came in, and started to berate him for his “vulgar” display and sacrilege. That was when the Light descended, and the Virgin knelt down, and wiped the sweat from the simple man’s brow with the hem of her robe. His offering had been accepted.

We talk a lot about what kind of offerings to make to specific spirits on this forum, but something personal is always more potent than the usual wine or food stuffs, so it doesn’t matter what others think about your story. What matters is what you hold in your heart while giving it. There is no demon, god, or angel in this multiverse of ours who would deny the power in that.


thank u for that i gt down on myself at times cause i dont know if my writing is good enough so i like to hear others opinions but it is very personal for me he is wonderful so i want to give him an equally wonderful gift he can cherish i just dont want him to hate it i was alo thinking about either buying or building a shrine for him and my master furfur they have already done so much for me n a short time its mind blowing


This is helllaaa good. I love this and I am sure Dantalion does too. Keep up the amazing work.


Thank you th st means a lot to me