My new Thesis on Satan and this world

This is my new thesis based on observations and evocations of Gods and Spirits:

This is a short excerpt about how I see the reality as it pertains to this world and beyond.
This world is made up, it was conceived and created as a means to experience the all, in all possibilities, even though we as humans today are very limited, and that is not without reason.
We are all living inside a form of illusion, a Matrix of sorts, that our true selves, or souls, get injected into this matrix the minute we are born into here, to live out our lives mostly without even knowing the meaning of it, and to get ejected back out through the process of our death.
We are truly living out a Golden age, or new age nowadays, where everything both good and bad is thrown out into the internet and Society for us to see, hear and feel, even if that means a new spirituality. The Gurus of the new age movement, although well intentioned, are missing out on plenty of very good information: especially the fact that we cannot explain the existence of a ball Earth and also that we cannot see this ball Earth from far away live, as we are told we should, it is all a composite. In this sense, the spiritual information is being lost: we are driven away from true esoteric spiritual information and are thrown into this knitting of alien related and space related fictional stuff, that strays our attention like a magic trick.

The truth is that the God most believe in, the one and only, is the basic mainframe program that is used to keep us in place, keeping us from evolving perhaps, in a vicious reincarnation cycle that never seems to end, and keeps us every forgetting who we truly are, for informations is Always lost in most societies and written documents. This mainframe program is perfect in its own special way, that is was intended to keep us in this “Paradise” suspended and cycling experiences, but our true nature is hidden even in our DNA, a snake and reptilian like type of nature, that we are told to abhor and yet every culture in the past seemed to honor this very dragon nature and kingly heritage.
This dragon nature is what the bible has considered the Devil, or Satan, for this is the force and prime creator of all of our true souls, it is hidden in our very DNA! When you feel this power, you feel the rapture of God, all of the true emotions, those things you think are high and holy, but are really our true heritage. The program that was created by us advanced human forefather, or the Elohim, is what we call God, IHVH. This is the prime program that is set here on Earth, our known universe. Our nature and truth is Satan, and his holy light and spirit, the very breath that gives what we call live is Lucifer. This is the true nature, how we can manifest this different kind of thinking, without dogmas ou doubt.
The angels are part of this matrix energy, they are a signature of the program the Elohim invented and have placed there. When you call them, you call a program in place for edition of reality.
The demons are ancient spirits and gods that are very advanced in knowledge and have our true dragon nature within, they are living entities that breath the very Lucifer that we also share. They can partake in much more living and thinking patterns and decisions, the Angels respond like a computer system or artificial program.

This might be the beginning of a short book or major theory that I’m conceiving as I go along this journey…

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It sounds like a David Icke-Steampunk hybrid to me.
I agree with this … The idea of a dragon is inherent in every culture, it is just within the murder-driven JCI view that the idea of a dragon is that of evil. Never mind exodus, the inquisition, or suicide bombers; that’s right, just concentrate on the dragon being evil bit.

Interesting and compelling angle. I would read more.

Thanks for the feedback! This is jist of it all, I have a lot more to channel and synthesize still.

Thanks for the feedback! I’m developing the ideas and the channeled material is starting to come out, I still have lots to do, but the idea behind the dragon is that the reptilian essence is not evil at all, that it is very misunderstood, and is part of our nature. We might very well be reptilian souls, recycled in this eternal battery driven matrix world, in cycles of reincarnation, and inside a mainframe we call “God”. So our true nature and “father” is Satan in this sense, but we have forgotten this to keep on going in the matrix.