My new temple site

I think I found my new Temple site. It’s out of the way in the woods. It needs a lot of improvement, but, as it stands, it’s just a clearing in the woods. However, I’m definitely going to do some improvements.

I’m going to clear out some of the surrounding Shrubbery, get rid of the composting forest floor and take it down to dirt. I’m also considering putting some fencing around the outside edge of the clearing. In all truth, with this being on my property, I can do pretty much whatever I want to with it, I even have two big Holly trees that I can actually put a throne in between.

Enjoy the attached pictures. Right now, the only thing I brought out here besides myself is the folding chair so that I can actually do my meditation out here.

Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.


Also this looks like an amazing site for a temple! Good find :+1:


So much for that idea…

Got hit by a tornado and almost died…

Lucifer helped to keep us safe. I’m certain of it.

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