My new start to become a black magician

One day I met a witch a real one. After meeting her and had some chats with her I was wondering that Yeh finally I got a lead . Then after that meeting I started researching about demons ,angels, psychic abilities, etc. This is how my journey begin.

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I take it from this rambling paragraph, that you don’t have any experience in magick?

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Well yep that is true.

But my sight . I don’t know it’s a disease or gift so for this answer I am here. First I thought it was a disease but after some time it became different. I started seeing sparkles that’s true not only this I also started seeing visions . And in the sky or any place I saw some weird black circles or some rays coming out from things.
I know it sounds weird

Welcome :love_you_gesture:t4:

Exactly how mines began. But I use astrology along with demons

So can you help me from where should I begin

What I did which works in my case, and yours should as well. Once I found out my exact time of birth I created my astrology chart and whatever part of my life I wanted helped in, I saw what planet aka spirit rules that house in my chart and summon that spirit to help me

My real name is Pratyaksha Verma.You can also call me Disha.

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Hello Disha, welcome to the forum

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