My New Mission - This Is Intense

I can’t actually say what i am doing but i won’t be here for a while these pictures will give you a clue.




See You Soon.


Hm… If I didn’t know any better and considering my mission… @Eye_of_Ra

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I understand you are understanding…connect.

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@C.Kendall confirmed for first forum member in space! :+1:


Good luck mate, stay safe, and don’t go opening any doors unless you know what’s behind them. :thinking:


Well, Idk if he’s the first one from balg there, but i do wish him the best! I don’t say luck because luck has nothing to do with it when you’re a god! Lol! Whoever tries to stop him will be the ones needing luck! Hehehehe!

I can’t WAIT for that post when he gets back!

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bring me back a rock lol jk have fun

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Bring back gifts of wisdom. :+1::+1::+1:

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