My new eye seeing and vision capabilities...question

OK, so I was never able to see into the Astral realm until recently, besides a few occasions in the past 5 years which happened unintentionally. Two weeks ago, I got my feet wet by starting a one-week path working project. The pathworking and invocation was written by a draconian magick temple. This was like a test for me to feel the draconian current. The project was to do an assigned ritual every day for 7 days.

On the first night (3 am), I dropped a few drops of my own blood on the temple seal and called forth the “ascending flame of Lucifer.” I read the written instructions. I did not use any candles or incense, because there are other people in the house who would get suspicious. I only used the flashlight to my phone. The sigil then became alive and started to look 3-D. I then turned off all the lights so that it was pitch black.

In the dark with no lights, I saw a little white torus field of energy above the palm of my hand while I was holding the temple sigil with my blood on it. I saw like 20 shadows that looked like the shape of people. I saw a few other creatures crawling on the floor like the size of an alligator, and a few other moving shapes. I looked for Lucifer, but couldn’t see him. I visualized fire rising up my spine until i sensed wings of fire and horns. Then I felt a surge of power and adrenaline, and I felt like I was Satan, the king sitting on my chair in my small dark room. The room is small, but I had the ability to look through the walls, as if I was in tropical place in the jungle. I had never seen this many shadow people before. Then I wanted to test if I was really Satan, so I non-verbally commanded some of the shadow people to come to me as I sat on my throne in my “temple.” Most of the shadow people to me gathered around me, which led me to believe that I was “the devil” and had his power at that time. One of the shadow people didn’t come to me when I called, so I burned him up with my dragon’s breath of fire. Another shadow person (with a human face) next to the one I burned up just stood there and didn’t come to me upon my command. He refused to come to me, so I sent a lightening bolt from me to him and then visualized myself funneling all his life-force into me. The person then was gone from my sight.

After a couple of nights of the ritual, I’m sure that my landlords felt the spirits in the house, because they decided to pick a fight with me and accused me of stealing a laptop computer a 1 1/2 months prior. Their claim is that they left the laptop in the room when they decided to rent it to me–which is TOTAL BULLs%$t. A couple of days later they accused me of being responsible for a $150 bike that I left in the secured backyard. Nobody stole the bike, but they actually took their own bike and hid it, claiming that I’m responsible and have to pay for it. It’s obvious that these two people decided to give me a 30-day notice right as they must have sensed the spirits that came into my “temple” at 3am in the morning.

So, this little project or experiment lasted 7 days. Each night I performed a similar ritual. I saw many more things including the stars and a few tunnels, but it’s too much to write.

A few days ago, once I was finished with the project, I started reading one of Asenath Mason’s book on the Tree of Qlippoth. I went into the first 2 spheres on the tree. Every time I do a working, I don’t use candles of incense.

Yesterday, I realized that I now have the ability to see all the tiny particles in the air and it’s easier for me to see shadow people and spirits in my room, EVEN WHEN THE RITUAL IS OVER. I can also see energy beams coming out of my fingertips when I direct my mind to do so. I can form an energy ball infront of me and actually see it now. I can shoot energy beams with my eyes into my doggies or through the wall.


I invoked Lucifer a couple of weeks ago. In the Qlippoth, I invoked LUCIFER, LILITH, SAMAEL, ASMODEUS. Which one gave me these new capabilities, or is this just completely normal when you turn off the lights and try to see the spirits and the particles in detail?


And the energy coming out of my finger tips and eyes is BLUE. The energy calls I can create and see are also BLUE, which is interesting since I just read on another post that demonic energy is blue.

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So you are performing the initiatory rituals from the Temple of Ascending Flame I assume? Good job.

Yes, I was able to participate in their 7 day project, and then wrote a short report on results. Basically, I believe the project opened me up to the draconian current.



This special vision I had in which I could see energy coming off my fingertips and from my eyes across the room only lasted a couple of days. I’m wondering which demon it was who gave me that temporary seeing ability…