My name is Drew

I need help, I tried to contact Lilith last night and nothing has happened.

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Go into more detail for me? Tell me what you did, in detail. What sigil? Candles? Any thoughts or feelings?

I wrote a letter to her with my intent and needs, I am in desperate need of her assistance… almost impatient. I marked her sigil on my fore arm and used a candle for the guidance. I feel empty. I signed at the bottom and inked in with my blood.

I waited for 30 minutes after 12 am then fell asleep by the candle.


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Ok. What was your request to her. Did you feel any heat? Any thoughts come across randomly?

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I requested her assistance on helping me feel whole. I approached her with humbleness. I ask for a succubus talented in the magic arts to assist me in my quest.

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There was no random thoughts. I was feeling hot though. Well actually I kept wondering to myself if this actually worked what would I do with this power

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  1. Not trying to be judgemental, but the thoughts you express in this tread are not very coherent or organised. If the same level of clarity was in that letter, that might be part of your problem, she just wasn’t clear what you wanted.

But more likely, it’s just early days, she was there, they usually are as she might have been the one drawing you to work with her… but you have some inner work to do to develop your senses to be able to perceive them, that’s all.

So give it time, you might find things starting to move anyway, and keep working on your abilities while you wait.


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Daemons aren’t going to want to be prayed to and asked to fix your life - they are all about sovreignity and personal responsibility - they can heal, then they’ll show you how to heal yourself, they can advise and move energy around but you have to do some seriously hard work too, to take the advice and opportunities and run with them.

So, since you’re in a hurry, what are you doing in the meantime to help yourself? What is a ‘gap in your heart’? Is your heart center damaged? Or is this a “I want a girlfriend” thing?

No I was abused and neglected. I have servere mental illness and hear voices.

Ok I did my proper intro