My Mythology, Need some insight!

So awhile back I created a mythology for a book series I was going to create, never finished the books series but that’s besides the point. The mythology was all created and felt strange. By that I mean it came naturally… for the most part naming took the longest because I had to get the feel for it anyway thats not the point. I was wondering if any of the gods or creatures that came to me in my mind could be real? Like H.P. Lovecraft’s Cuthulu mythos and other things like that or Maybe they could be masks of other Entities or maybe just thought forms I created without knowing. Hell maybe its nothing at all and I just came up with them.

What I wanted to ask of some people on here is if anyone could find them? My astral senses suck atm and evocation is difficult because of my living situation. I am training but I know someone on here could probably get an anwser faster than me. I could give the name and description and maybe they’re out there or they’re thought forms on the astral realm or they represent entities… maybe none of that which is fine.

Anyone willing to help? I’ll post the name of one or two on here but I’m very protective of my work and it’s not published or copyrighted yet. I’m not saying anyone would steal it or it is the next best thing I just don’t want all of my time to go to waste.

Sinn- one of the Gods and Goddesses of energy, the first decedent of Hrubrus, goddess of what is holy, The Watcher. Part of the creation myth. She is a Goddess and is true to her name

Nero-(Also known as Neroto) one of the Gods and Goddesses of energy, second son of Hrubrus, god of neutrality and balance, The Keeper. the Karmic influence in the myths.

If you want to help out just comment and I’ll PM you more info, just be cautious. Sorry if I sound crazy or like an Idiot was just wondering if this could be more than just my head.

You signed your post, which is untidy. Lol :rofl:

But seriously, even the HPL occult stuff is a little far reaching.

And as you said you created this mythology & have not developed your astral senses.

I recommend you atleast get that down before making a final judgment call.

Remember to test the spirits.

Okay thank you man!

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And I didn’t want to come off like it was something special or that, I’m just now starting to understand the power of imagination and visualization in the Occult. I am aware it can just be in my head and mean nothing but Idk

There may be some real mythology in it. I used to write stories about demons, mermaids, angels and Atlantis when I was a teenager.There was some information I found the same in occult books and online.

Lucifer gave me the plot for a book series and he told me he wants me to publish it because there is gnosis in there. Certain people who read it will be able to understand the truth beneath the story.

Yeah thats what I want to do with my work, have real occult elements in fiction. Even if these entities aren’t real I can still use them. Be cool if they did exist in some way but they just an IF

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