My Mother Is (Slightly) Better

My mother has Congestive Heart Failure. Her kidneys weren’t doing well and she was getting emergency dialysis. That is, what the doctors said at first. Then, after her health started to improve, they said she needed these other procedures. My mother and I did not agree to that.

As mentioned in a previous thread, the doctors wanted to put my mother on permanent dialysis. She said no. She did not want to “live like that with tubes sticking out of her, going back and forth to dialysis treatments almost everyday.” I agreed. Then the doctors said that if she did not do the procedure, she will die.

I called on the Goetia’s doctors, Buer, Marbas, the angel Raphael and Lord Uphir to heal her kidneys so that they can start working again.

Her kidneys are working again! Many thanks to the Goetic doctors.

The hospital doctors are still talking about the possibility that her kidneys might not working enough to “move the toxins from her body”. Again, my mother has refused further dialysis and treatments. She also has refused emergency intervention if her heart stops.

So as you can tell, this both good and bad news.

Either way, Praise Lucifer!


Healing is by definition a process, so I think you need a little more time to see the results at a 100%.

Glad things are better.

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It may not be my place to say so, but honestly, it seems scarier and more horrible than it actually is. After some time, you get used to the routine of it, and you often develop some level of friendship with the dialysis clinic staff. My dad was a dialysis nurse for years, and he talked about the patients like family. The patients felt the same way, and sometimes their families would even come back to visit long after the patients themselves passed away. It just became part of their lives, but they lived like anyone else for the rest of the time and felt healthy enough to enjoy life beyond the clinic too.

All this is to say, life on dialysis is a lot better than no life at all. I hope you have success with your magick, but magick takes time, and the likelihood of you producing some kind of miracle to completely heal her kidneys on an express basis (as this is very time-sensitive) is not good. At the very least, let the doctors buy her some time while you work on the occult side of it.

Sounds good to me!! Glad it worked out. Your mom sounds like a wonderful lady who knows her worth :muscle:

I am really glad to hear that, hope she gets well soon
you can also call on Astarte to transfer your own energy individually (group evocation)to transfer all your energy together to your mom, it will improve her immune system and heal her chakras immediately.
prick your finger by a lancet, then drom your and your beloved ones blood on the Astarte’s sigil and call him together, form a circle together, hand in hand sigil in the center with one black candel for each of you, for example if you do it individually one candle, two ppl, two candles and blabalablah
afterwards espress your request or whisper it and get it done.
put your attentio toward the result from the moment you prick your finger till the end.

I respect that. I’d do the same. Living with quality of life and dignity is much more important then eking out a few more days in discomfort and misery. As a believer in reincarnation, I think she’ll be much happier with a new body and the new opportunities it will bring.

Can you psychopomp for her so you can cross with her and ease the transition for both of you, when the time comes?