My most powerful demonic chant for connecting with the gatekeepers

This chant was given to me by the demonic king and gatekeeper belial
i had used it daily for connecting with king belial and the other gatekeepers
its a sacred chant that was revealed to me by my pact with the nine,it can aslo be used
as an enpowerment and best for rituals with the abyss,godforms,infernal/gatekeeper work
and lots more

"Atz imesh yatzada letrus a’a"

i use it before after and in the middle of rituals,its very powerful.

i give this gift you,by me and the infernal empire.



It is a most deepening experience to have been given such mantras and chants directly from the Ancients tongue.
Is it not?:slight_smile:
I have a few I use myself as well as hand placements that Belial had shown me a while back and I found them powerful.
I enjoy listening to and watching the growth of the commune e between mankind and the Ancients.
Thanks for sharing


Very interesting. :aplaudir: :aplaudir:

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Is it latin?

Its demonic tongue.


My mantra that I use for Lucifer I made Into a song as well as a chant to usher in the presence of Lucifer and Amaymon.
I find that the Ancients will impart those things to you when you commune often enough.
It’s simply

Lucifer Asturel
Lucifer Amaymon
Lumiel Lumiel eterne

The song version is in my channel.

To me it is interesting to listen to what others are experiencing!! Thanks for sharing you all.:slight_smile:


Hello, how are you? What is your channel?

Hello! I am well! And yourself?:slight_smile:

My channel is Kari Darkstar on YT
I just got started sharing my path online with folks:)
Feel free to check it out:)
I love sharing with others and listening to others share!!:slight_smile:


Sorry I did answer it just was not in the right place :slight_smile:

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I feel like I heard this before