My moon water bottle just got broke on it's own

As we all know full moon water is use for protection
And i use it in cleansing
And suddenly in the morning rgt now
When I was in my room
The glass bottle makes a cracking sound
And it just broke
On it’s own it’s impossible rgt
How can A bottle broke on it’s own

@Luciferia_06 I guess it did its job in protecting you. Throw it away and start a new batch.

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I would do some cleansing of yourself, up your protection and maybe even do a return to sender of whatever energy caused that in case it came from someone. Make sure that energy is GONE one way or another.


Woow Well the bottle indeed was old enough but not the water

I charge the water every single month on full moon

Was it from this last moon or another or many? Was it exposed to other elemrnts like sun or heat? Was the bottle crystal?