My mirror broke

the mirror i got long ago that i use for all my magic and daily life broke can i still use it as i have before it broke or do i replace the mirror glass


I don´t recoommend using broken mirrors for anything else but curses. The reason is not the superstision about broken mirrors but rather that of a practicality. You can still use it so no worries, just be mindfull for what you use it for as it depends on occasion. Or a better option, replace the mirror glass.


You can also use the shards in a protective spell bottle.

Broken mirror shards, nails, pins, screws, etc. Fill the rest with your urine. If you want, sigilize it for some specific effect. Bury it just outside your home.

The theory is that the ingredients break up and/or reflect an attack on you. The pee serves two purposes: the natural ammonia content, which can discharge energies it contacts, and that it is YOUR pee, so it may act like a ‘stand in’ for yourself. In other words, the attack goes for the bottle instead of you.


Ok so fix the mirror and use broken mirror for curse and protection ok😁