My mind is linked with someone else and i need help with separation

Short background: met her when I was 16, bombarded by my guides that this was my twin flame. At the age of 16 i focused on and off with creating a telepathic connection with her as i struggled to tell her that i loved her. Turns out later that she didnt love me and i didnt actually feel real love for her either. It was just a strong connection that is still there along with me bombarding her constantly with telepathic messages. Any spells or magick tricks to separate our minds and souls connection would be helpful and greatly appreciated

Cut and clear: hoodoo

Cord cutting: most other types of magical practices have rituals for this- with angels such as Michael, demons and so on.

Visualization of the connecting being dissolved etc.

The intent to simply end the connection, make a servitor or sigil to absorb the energy sent through the link.

Shield yourself.

Seems like there could be many options/ what’s best for you however I could not guess.

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