My Military Black Magicians

If anyone of you is in the Military and has connections (:wink:) please PM me. I have some questions to ask and need some advice :ok_hand:

Are you trying to get hold of those psychic training methods they use for their CIA psychics and assassins? It isn’t all it is cracked up to be what they gain they pay for in everything else if that is what you are after. Lots of declassified documents on their training methods and going from there with a bit of skill it isn’t hard to get the rest. Little hint though the Russians still have a monopoly on the ESP field. Not in the military just made such things are rather large branch of study.


Not that
Something much worse :ok_hand::wink:

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Well have fun with your little chase but do be careful it wouldn’t do for them to get anything too good because then someone has to take it away from them before they hurt themselves. Or I almost forgot do you still need target practice?

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Well let’s just say…
People think that messing with you is cool until you dig up their exact coordinates :ok_hand:

And yes I am always down for target practice :smiling_imp:


Oh good I have just the piece of shit for you to take potshots at. I will pm you that.

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I have a target for you. I’ll PM it to you.

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