My Microcosmic Journeys


Hey. Welcome to my journal. I’ve been a Lucid Dreamer for about 9 years, But the recent year I have fallen off quite a bit. This is me getting back on track, with a new perspective and more ideas. Last month I only recorded 36 dreams, and this month ( oct ) I have set a goal of reaching 50 dreams, and I will keep on and on increasing. What I’m planning to do wich i haven’t done :

  • Magic in dreams, rituals, evocation (Previously only did harry potter style magic and telekinesis)
    What I’m going to try to stop doing:
    -Following my sexual instincts and bang everyone I see.
    What I’m going to keep doing :
  • Dream Yoga, Meditation Inside a Lucid Dream.
    When we are in dreams we are already in a higher state - So Mantras & Meditation, for example, is INCREDIBLY more powerful in there, Wich I have witnessed for myself. That’s why I think Magick can be more powerful there as well. Not only Lucid dreams will I record here, but normal dreams which are special in some ways, and times when I convert a dream into an astral experience.
    There are many paths to “ascent”, all paths have the same destination: Ascent. I believe after personal experiences that Dreams could be one of those paths. Let the journeys begin.


Last night i had some wierd / fun dream. There was some stone structures and on top of it were floating a board made out of metal.
I was supposedly “chosen” to get this. And i was suppost to “Fly with Honor and Glory”. I saw one of my “Friends” Looking at me, with jealous eyes - He told me I’ve changed so much lately, that it was nothing of ME left, he seemed at bit angry and was going to keep me from taking that board.

He pushed one of my girl-friends + me down a steep hill which was made out of Ice, and there was a big tall tree near the hill, so i took my board and flyed to the tree, I held on to the tree - Hugging it.

I wanted to save her, so I told my board “Go Save her!” And so he did. I heard her voice, she survived, she seemed a bit far away tho. My board came flying back to me - The edges of the board were crushed and destroyed.


Yesterday i was in Occult Mystery School in the dreamrealms, Does anyone else participate there?


I’ve seen two such schools, but I haven’t taken classes there. I have been in classes and training in the dream realms, though.


Even when i’m not even “lucid” i have been there… then its wierd how i get there without being conscious, like im drawn to the place


Same. I’ve been severely lacking in my lucid dream training. It’s the only way I’ve been in OOB states thus far (from dream states), but I just hate the inconsistency of lucidity. But yea, I’ll have training and etc without me being lucid. I was told by an entity that I’m an oneironaut. Sounds like you are, too.


Yes , i got a cool sounding label for once ! :joy: what does it mean to be a oeironaut? And yeah i get that about the OOB states is much easier through dreaming! Instead of laying trying for hours to leave body u can just shift awareness from your dream body to astral body ( since its already out, but ur awareness is in microcosmic mental dream plane ) .


An oneironaut is a dream traveler. In my experience, it means that we have whole lives and jobs we do while dreaming and are more conscious of them than most. Also, it’s easier for entities to enter our dream space. When I was meditating more regularly, I actually once just willed myself to have an OBE from the dream state and knew it would happen. And it did. Only happened once, though.

It’s hard to commit to dream work because I’m kind of a night owl. Like, you need to get to bed by a certain time or you will be too tired to gain lucidity. I’m always staying up late.

This is all personal experience, UPG, and conjecture, though. I really should explore it further. But I prefer lying in bed trying to meditate to get out of body, honestly. It takes more patience, and I need to get back into it, but at least I know I’ll be fully lucid once I get out that way.


We are similar in nature. There is so much one could do from the dreamstates… one time i saw a dark shadow entity and i became lucid - i flexed myself in meditation position and levitated above the ground and chanted Ooommm and the entity dissapeared. What i did next; chant all the root mantras. Laam, raam, yaam, humm, oom etc and i felt a powerful surge of energy in my entire spine circulating, felt like Kundalini force. I then left my body the same night and met my moms cat in the astrals. Not only are converting & evocation possible but even kundalini and chakra work


Yes, my evocations have all been from the astral thus far. Simply calling their name with conviction. It’s actually really awesome to work through the dream states because you don’t need to cultivate your astral senses to interact with them from there. I just can’t stand the lucidity thing.

Once I called Bathin, with the intent to help me with astral projection. He showed up as a shadowy figure. I then promptly flew out of my window, and got sucked into a dream scenario. :sweat::disappointed:


So yesterday an entity taught me how to mental travel, and I did it and met with some beings. It was like I Traveled
Into myself, within myself (Microcosm) - Not like Astral Projection which is outside of yourself in the macrocosm.
I will talk about my experience in the mental plane firstly, then the technique I was taught in more detail.

I communicated with a being in the hypnagogic trance state, There was a woman who taught me a mental travel technique. I saw her and she showed me the hand positions, held my hands to demonstrate.

I then did what she told me, I rose out of my body and saw my room - looking out the window.
As I floated higher and higher towards the ceiling I could see the energy in the room, it was green and a bit blue
I flew with a swift speed through the roof and up into the sky, I ended up in a place that looked
like a mix between a beach and a desert.

There were a lot of beings around there, I wanted to meet a specific being tho
so I created a tornado around the place and all the beings went into it - the element of air - and disappeared as water gets
transmuted into steam.
The entity I wanted to meet I had met before so I focused on the intention and the link between us.

But the thing is, I saw 3 women walking together and sat down on a bench, I sat down as well.
They were beautiful, I think we had a chat but I cannot remember what it was about.

Mentally do this.
Hand position like when monks pray (Anjali Namaste Mudra ) - just in reverse but palms together.
now change it to how monks pray normally ( Anjali Namaste )
Then raise them upwards towards the crown chakra (Sahasrara) and chant Luuuuuuux
Which means “Light” in greek

Imagine the feeling of floating upwards when you are chanting.
This must be done mentally only, and after waking up from a dream - don’t move and don’t open eyes.
It would be of great benefit if you have had the practice of Knowing when you have Semi-Woken up from a dream.


I also had a dream about someone was forcing me and put a binding spell on me, that wasen’t cool…


Had some new cool experiences.
I looked around and knew it was a dream, i was thinking; what shall i do… Meditate!
I first chanted a long OOoooommm and started to close my eyes, and then i was like “I have done Om’s before”

so next came a “Sooohaaam Aaaakaaaal” After around 2 soham akal’s i felt powerful energy inside of me, bursting vibrations, i left my dream-body and got transferred to my bed like a jolt !

I then started to write down what was happening…
but all of a sudden i was in another dream and when i woke up from that i looked at my notes and there was no writing ! So i either went into my astral body or it was a “false awakening”.

I was in my mothers home, we were sitting on the sofa. I knew it was a dream, and i said that to her, and she told me she also knew it was a dream! ( This is unusual, dream-characters don’t behave that way )

At that point i believed that i actually traveled into her dream or i astral traveled to her.
So we were talking about it and i was gonna show her what cool things i could do in a dream, I wanted to show her magic. I tried to make fire come out of my hands, but my palm only got very-warm.

I have no more memories of that “dream”… Because i was stupid enough to not write it down immidiatly. I asked what she dremt about, she said she had a nightmare, and other dreams that she couldn’t remember ( but she knew she have had others )


Lemme tell something. I had an experience this morning that confirms a theory i’ve read about in Robert Bruce’s Astral Projection book. In his book he says we are both astral projecting, dreaming, and in the bed at the same time when we go to sleep. Now i’ve done techniques before to shift my awareness/conciousness from one to the other, because normally we only remember where we are conscious= one state at a time ( Astral, Physical, or Mental Dreams). But as we evolve our dream-recall over long we can actually remember all 3 states and what all the 3 states do at the same time. Now, my experince - Firstly i was in my bed trying to sleep and i chanted words of power in my mind to leave my body, next thing i know i was in a normal dream. I was with some friends which i had in my life many years ago, we were having fun. The other thing i remember i was walking up a spiral staircase and it was dark, almost no lightning. I then saw something in the shadows , something moving, an entity appeared before me. I knew that ths was not physical reality. I then said " Hello " to the entity, trying my best to be calm. I asked it a question on who it was, and the next thing i remember being in my bed body semi-awake and mind awake. I felt something going into me, into my body, it felt very wierd and like i was being possessed. Then i felt a pinch in my back, as if it were a needle. What if the entity i met in the dream ( mental ) was my Astral Body (? )( since Astral and Mental plane is interconnected) What i realized later is that what entered into me was my astral body, and the soul is not the astral body, the soul is the counsciousness that moves through the 3 diffrent bodies we have (Physical, Astral, Mental) Now that theory has been tested i can not only believe but know that we are the trinity. In this symbol it is easier to understand my perspective of what i’m saying, the circle that goes through the 3 points are the soul, and the 3 points are Astral,Mental, And Physical.trinity-knot


Yesterday i was in a dark building, was flirting with someone. I became lucid, walked through the dark rooms until i ended up in a bright bathroom. I then pondered what i should do and decided to try out new mantra. There was a mirror there, i sat down and stared into my own eyes. My reflection didnt move properly like i actually was moving so it was creepy but i began to chant “kleem” about 3-5 times and i felt its power and some energy entering into me from behind. When i woke up i found some girls wanting to chat with me on a dating site xD