My meeting with Satu

While meditating a beast entered my realm, it came from a rocky mountain in a dust of black smoke, appearing to chase a skeletal person before it noticed me watching it.
I beg it approach and it came to stand before me.

It stood tall enough that i should gaze up at it. It’s head, that of a great skeletal dragon, apon it’s forhead just behind and between it’s eyes was a silver medalion wirh a skull on it, and then it’s hair flew back from this across the top of it’s head, thick like a lions mane but only travelling backward from the top of his head and down to the middle of his back. His horns wrre similiar to… oxen? In shape they formed a kind of u or handlebars, but were layered on layered like a dragon or goats. Like how they are spikey with ridges.
His cheat, or shoulders at least were human, though i generally only saw them when he stood before me, he did not have them when he was traveling or moving normally. His arms were skeletal and human as well, but his hand were great dragon claws. His torso was a ribcage like that of a snake or fish, his ribs came from the back of his spine and circled forward, but did not touch. Je had 5 sets of ribs, when standing they were all the same size. His spine ending shortly after the 5th rib in a point, a cloud of black just below that.

His other form, that he seems to use for travel is similiar, except it has no arms or shoulders to speak of. His head faces forward of his spine (like a fish or snake, instead of like a human’s when he is standing) and his 5th rib is smaller then his other 4. The black cloud still follows him just behind his “tail?” / end of his spine

I asked his name and he told me

And then i proceeded to ask his domain, but this he could not tell me and when suggested i ask the community (you guys) he expressed it as a good idea by means of a head shake and a thumbs up.

I also asked him how to call apon him.
Being most familiar via the simple evocation guide from lady_eva (thank you!) I felt like he know this was the best way for me to summon him and gave me his words of power/summoning

“Dex lirc satu jia.”

When asked about his sigil, he did not reply.

Those were all the question i had currently for him so decided to bid him farwell for the time being though i can feel him on the edge of my conciousneas still, doing… im not sure what? Hunting perhaps, or just observing?

He doesnt seem to speak and he seems somewhat playful? I dont want to say “stupid” but he seems more like a dog in behaviour and personality then a human.

He seems to understand me/english though, and told me his words of power by taking pre-existing words i had in my head and molding and shaping them to his needs.
For example “satu” he showned me the word “saturn” and then smashed the rn with his claw, leaving just “satu”

If anybody is familiar with satu, or could shed more like on who/what he is and possibly his domains or his abilities, that would be very helpful.