My meditation

In my preparation for practicing magick, I have been focusing on meditation and clearing/calming my mind. After a few weeks of this (20 minutes to 1 hour a night), I feel it is time to ask for some insight.

During my meditation, I often feel as though I am rocking back and forth, almost like I’m going to fall out of my body. I assumed this was progress and took it as a good sign and have continued meditating, but last night got a little bit strange.

After meditating, I began to hear a frequency as well as a very loud ringing in my ears. When I focused on it, I swear I could hear birds chirping. And not just a few of them, but LOTS of birds. I could’ve believed that there may have been birds outside that were chirping, except it was 12 A.M and everything outside was dead silent.

Any insights to what I should be doing next and what this was? Other than continuing my meditation, is there an obvious step that I should be taking?


It sounds to me, from your description, that you entered a trance state, possibly Theta, and may have been hearing astral sounds.

I myself feel an internal rocking sensation (sometimes coupled with actual physical rocking) when I’m entering Theta for ritual.

My advice, is see what you can do with it the next time you experience it. See if you can discern voices, or start chanting the enn of your most favourite cuddly demon and see what happens.


Sounds like a pretty good next step to take. Will see if it happens when I meditate tonight and will definitely give it a try. I’ll update this thread with the results.


So I decided to try evoking Raphael for my first evocation, as I feel he would be able to help the best with my current requests. I definitely had results, but to if it was Raphael, I am not sure. I was focusing on the candle flame as I called out and everything around me started to look like some of the visuals I get during an acid trip, then went dark.

The only thing not dark was the candle flame, but the size of it decreased dramatically. I then asked if Raphael could show me a sign that I had made contact and the candle flame would grow then go back down. I asked once more and the flame did the same.

At this point I could definitely feel a presence. I made my intentions clear, thanked Raphael and then ended the ritual. Now I will just wait and see what happens :grin:


Good first choice of who to work with, IMO. I get that ringing in my ears too, but for the life of me I can’t turn it off when I want to and it can get maddening, lol.


Yes it can be, especially when you’re trying to fall asleep.

Make sure to make a full psychological retraction after rituals. You may not want to remain in an altered state, or you might want to but I don’t recommend it. There’s just no telling what could happen with the gate open to other worlds, lots of nasty parasitic spirits out there. If you’re still ringing after the ritual, it sounds like you’re not grounded. To echo the others, it sounds like you’re doing well. Do you start getting a haze or fog in the room, maybe everything gets fuzzy and pixelated? That’s a good sign you’re in TGS. I hear birds and wolves, sometimes drumming in the distance, and the rocking motion. It’s all good signs, and very normal.


Yes, sometimes things will start to go all fuzzy. And I have definitely had issues with grounding in the past and it’s something I’m trying to work on.


You’re feeling same things as I do, except the bird-stuff. My body has done some huge swings back and forth lately too, during meditation. But I have started to got these spontaneous feelings of wanting to just sit still, quietly and observe. Never had those before. So I wonder what is that about then.