My Mastering Evocation Journal

Been here before under a different name. Same rules as before: limiting philosophy, i’m here to work.

After 2 previous attempts at Mastering Evocation, i’m back to give it another go. There were things about it i didn’t take to, so i had to go study a bit. However, i like to finish what i start. So here we go.

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Part 1: Necessary Materials
For this series of workings, i’m going to use a minimum of tools.

Magickal action is built on a mental shift that allows you to make deep changes in an altered state of consciousness.

Focus objects such as the magick mirror, candles, audio tones, or sense impressions can be used to set up trance or flow work. Also, entheogens and enactogens can physically force your body into trance and flow states. I understand this.

However, i’m going to focus on the process of shifting my mind for subconscious reprogramming or superconscious communication, and keep the tools to a minimum.

Part 2: Curriculum Outline
Plan is to work through the 21 sections of Mastering Evocation in sequence.

Section 1 and 2 are just Erik talking, so i skip those.

Onto Section 3

Section 3: Preparatory Immersion
Think i may use Deep Trance Identification to do the 9 Days To Power. DTI is an active possession where i invoke a model to do something i want from inside of me.

DTI requires defining a skill within a specific context, for learning.

From there, i find a model who mastered the skill. The Shawn and Jess Carson suggest a model paired with an opposing or adjacent figure, for balance.

With those things defined, i visualize my model or a symbol, and mimic their breathing (Erik calls this structuring). Once in sync, i ask them for a cue for them to merge with me, a key gesture.

When they make the gesture, we merge for the first time, then separate.

I then create an Event Matrix, a scene for them to demonstrate the skill i want.

I merge with my model and we go through the Event Matrix together.

To use the countermodel, you repeat the steps, but with the countermodel either doing everything the exact opposite of the model, or doing the same thing in a different way.

In all cases, i view the action from 2 positions: one by my model’s eyes, the other an observer position, so i alternate the Event from inside and outside of myself.

Rinse wash repeat and that’s pretty much it.

A 9 Days To Power timetable:
Day 1: Pick a skill and an ideal context for learning it.
Day 2: Pick a model (option: also a countermodel or rival) based on their bio and skill mastery.
Day 3: Visualize model or sigil, breathing in sync.
Day 4: Visualize and breathe, ask for a key gesture to merge with them.
Day 5: Visualize and breathe, merge on gesture, be them for a bit, then separate.
Day 6: Write an Event Matrix of them doing the skill.
Day 7: Visualize and breathe, merge, do Event Matrix.
Day 8: Visualize and breathe, merge, do Event Matrix. Note movements.
Day 9: Visualize and breathe, merge, do Event Matrix. Note thoughts.
(option: on Day 10 - 12 repeat 7 - 9, but with countermodel).