My magic worked

I came here 4 months ago next week upset because my fiancé of 10 years walked out on my while I was sleeping. I was devastated and requested help and guidance here, I spent the first month after that utilizing everything I’ve accumulatively learned and meditated, fasted, and gave myself completely to Metatron. I meditated on that ego death feeling I felt on DMT and eventually saw a flame in the desert and felt motivated to work out, then a lady came to me to be dominated and I got my grove back while using her as a conduit for my scrying mirror, I then lost 80lbs, then on Friday the 13th my ex fiancé calls me telling me she got knocked up by her rebound lol, at that moment I knew she knew she fucked up and I felt my heart melt I flower bloom inside my heart it was a physical sensation and felt closure and whole again, and now I just tripled my income and got my dream job. This happened in only 4 months on the 18th; now I make more money than ever, I have ladies wanting me left and right, and I’m in the best shape I’ve been in my life, and my intuition is at it’s most sensitive levels of my life. Thanks Metatron.


Congratulations! i am so happy for your success! keep up the good work man :+1:

Wow! Congratulations. Did you include the Tarot cards in your rituals or is that a reading?

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Congratulations :clap: that’s fantastic manifestations!
Could you tell us about this reading if you don’t mind?

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That’s me; I meditate on those to see my strengths and weaknesses in my astrological alignments that are powerful enough to be concentrated into a tarot card.


Sweet! Good for you my dude. Your reality is yours to mold as you please. :slight_smile:

I do readings; I keep it private; I don’t charge money.

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I love the setup you have there! So many stones and crystals :heart_eyes: and a kitty photo too! :heartpulse:

I work out and meditate with them. It’s energizing and helps me focus and express my ideas. The rough rock looking stuff everywhere are all amethyst chips. I have the scrying mirror to connect long distance. You pic a crystal a number, and a question.

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