My Lucifuge

Hello my dearest, Lucifuge. I was trying some new skills and I was following a pulse to a heart beat …through the blood to the heart.

Then I wondered what was next and I saw lights everywhere in the body and then I touched one and it turned black and I ate it. And I felt like pac man trying to eat all the lights but there are always more.

Phagocytes act as a sort of Pac man for the body and is the bodies first defense usually from infections and bad things.

I remember doing a report on phagocytes once. Its like good blood is the military but when they get tired the special forces have to come in to help out.

My dearest Lucifuge,
Could you ask this one to maybe see a doctor.
Maybe its nothing. Maybe its something. Maybe I’m crazy.
But what’s a trip to the Dr to prove me wrong?

Thank you,
My dearest and darling Lucifuge.

Love Always
Ari ~ :rose:


Idk maybe I’m wrong.

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If I have to I will read some medical books and figure it out myself.

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See to eat… Pac Man

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It aint as easy being pac man as it looks either

I mean …
I will try but i cant just be in someones immune system 24/7. Eating all the bad stuff.

I gotta figure it out.

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