My Lucifer Story

This is something I really feel I need to share.
It’s been no secret that I’ve struggled connecting to Lucifer. Any other spirit no problem, but Lucifer I could never stay connected.

Last month I really needed to find a new home. I had to leave where I was it was very bad and @Fallen_Angel, @Micah, and @RiseorDie can verify it.

Micah was on his own accord doing a ritual to help me and @Fallen_Angel had done some work too.
But the looking process was starting to get me down and worried. Just nothing seemed to be coming through for me.

Then Lucifer just showed up and as usual I would talk to him but not get close. Then he did something that completely took me by surprise. He apologised to me. … now I’m not even sure what he apologized for… because I have complete block when it comes to Lucifer. …I’m not sure if it is from being raised a certain way or something from the past. …

I just know something causes me to stay distant from Lucifer. But when he was the bigger one and came to me and apologized , I couldn’t stay hurt, or angry. I accepted his apology and forgave him.

Now please understand I haven’t been trying to be a bitch to Lucifer, I honestly don’t know why I had this blockage but I did. And he stepped up and apologized and I honestly don’t even know if did anything. But I forgave him and when I did, I felt a relief.

I also said, if you truly care then help me find a house. You know how bad I need one.

He said, you will find a nice house and you will be able to afford it. (I was stressing over that too)

I was discouraged though, I had rode the neighbors looking for, for rent signs, I looked in the free weekly shoppers, I had applied for apartments. But nothing seemed to be coming through. If it was in my price range it wasn’t any better than where I was. Or some one twice beat me to a house.

Finally one day at wOrk a voice said check the newspaper. I thought pfftt no one looks in the paper any more. But the voice said you will find what your looking for in the paper.

So I looked. There was only one house for rent in it. But it was in my price. This was a Friday. I called the number and asked could I look at it. She said yes, come Monday around lunch.

When I got off from work I took my kids and we just rode by and looked at the outside. We liked it.

I met the lady that Monday and knew I wanted it… she was asking first and last months rent which I saved up. And I rented the house that day.
It is a nice little house with a screened in front porch and a carport big enough for two cars in the back… 3 bedroom 1 and 1/2 bath. A nice backyard and small front yard. We love it.

After about a week of being there I was just laying on my bed thinking about house and I was glad I found it.

And Lucifer said, you didn’t choose the house, the house chose you. I believe he’s right. This house feels alive… not like a horror movie alive …but alive. Protective and comforting, excepting.

It’s not life styles of the rich and famous but it’s a nice home just like Lucifer said it would be.

I felt I needed to share this story so people could see a rare side of spirits, and good friends.
We never think of these amazing spirits …apologising or asking forgiveness but they do.
They do care and they do help.

I thank Lucifer so much for helping me. And my awesome friends who are always there for me.
@Fallen_Angel, @DarkestKnight, @Micah, @RiseorDie, @Dinmiatus, @anon47923162, and so many more… you guys are all amazing. :heart::crown::sparkling_heart:


Hell yea, baby girl. Beautiful post :kissing_heart:

Hail Lucifer! and Hail Queen @Eye_of_Ra! :sparkling_heart:


You are a great friend too. :grin: Glad you have such a great house that is affordable that is rather rare these days to pull off and spirits can be great friends once you get to know them.
Best of continued luck to you as well.


Awww you guys !! :blush: thanks ! :heart:


Hey congrats no more cats breaking at night I hope? XD


No busted windows.

Only thing breaking in will be me when I forget the key :joy:


Make. Spares. :joy: they will save you headaches


You’re welcome. I take care of my own.

Glad my godform is helping you though :wink:


Yes I agree I have spares for my truck for that reason :joy::joy: I’m always locking myself out


Most definitely

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Reading your previous posts i felt your struggeling. Like many friends here. That’s why this is so good to read. Take care @Eye_of_Ra


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Oh and Lucifer is mostly around. I can feel him. But communication is another level i think. It is hard for me too. So i think it’s just his way. But you will get the result


That’s amazing! Good job there! And I hope your new house is as amazing as you want it to be! :slight_smile: .


Hail lord Lucifer and Great Duke Sallos !!!they are the best


Congratulations! Lucifer always delivers and is so incredibly kind!


Ayyyyyy :fire:
Glad I Could Make shit flip and happen :metal:
Enjoy that New Temple :smiley:


How touching. Man, I’m cryin’. :cry: I am so happy for you! It couldn’t have happened to a better person.:rose::rose::rose:


That is so awesome! I am so happy for you! You know, I suck at this, but it’s always smartest to live a bit below your means anyway. Cozy is so important. Thank you for sharing! I’m going to be evoking Lucifer very soon to attempt to begin working with him. I’m still in preparatory mode right now lol. This was very encouraging.


Thank you so much :sparkling_heart:

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