My Lucid Dreaming Experience

   @thewinman It started spontaneously with me recognizing in my dreams that I was indeed dreaming. I think it was because in my everyday life I started focusing on details in my surroundings. So one tip would be having reality checks to know if you're dreaming. Then after realizing I was dreaming I just create and control it.

      But that started happening rarer and rarer. I think because my sleeping schedule got messed up. Like I couldn't remember any of my dreams anymore. That was the time I started practicing self-induced lucid dreaming. I started writing my dreams ( if I even had one). I also used two main methods.

           The first one was being self-aware while my body fell asleep and create a dream scenario. I worked on that for like about 2 months and it would work once every 2 weeks since that method didn't suit me. The other technique was to wake up at 3 am, meditate,  then go back to sleep. That worked like a charm for me from the first week of doing it consistently. I also noticed that when I take valerian root, it helps with inducing lucid dreams.


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