My Long and Continuing Story

First of all, I’d like to thank all the knowledgeable veteran members here who have shared a ton of useful info for all to consider and implement. I’ve been scouring the Internet studying magick and this forum is by far the most densely packed informative source I’ve found. Before I found this forum, I read up on Wicca and other forms of magick. I’m sorry if I offend some here, but I find Wicca hard to believe in. It’s too new, and the 3x law I mean, come on. I’m just a beginner here but even to me the 3x law doesn’t make any sense. If I was a Wicca priest I would sit around and cast positive spells all day long so I can reap in the benefits of 3x of the positivity coming back to me. Another thing I like about this forum is you don’t see posters asking questions then getting a lecture (Quora) about circumventing free will and blah blah.

Okay, my story is somewhat long-winded and at times boring, so I’ll try to cut out all the fluff as best as I can. But first some background info: I’m early middle aged and live on the U.S./Mexico border. I spend the vast majority of my time in Mexico and after a few years I can speak conversational Spanish. There’s a lot of “brujas” here and many local folks believe in them. Much more so than Americans living in the U.S. I grew up in the Midwest USA and college educated in a mathematics intensive field. I’m a natural skeptic of things I cannot see or prove. But, I believed that I was cursed somehow, in two ways but those are not related to this story so I won’t bother posting about them here.

My quest involves 2 different (ex)girlfriends, let’s call them Aby and Betty. So about 3 years ago I started dating this absolutely stunning girl Aby. She was model quality, and she was actually the one who started hitting on me. We would see each other just about daily. I’ve been in my share of relationships and this girl was head over heals in love. She would constantly shower me with attention, bring me whatever I needed, buy me dinner sometimes, just whatever I wanted, I got. It was clear that I had the upper hand in the relationship. She was the one that was afraid to anger me so she tread carefully. I’m the one who actually didn’t really care. We’d argue way less than the normal couple, but when we did she would be the one calling me constantly and me not answering her calls. So after about a year and a half, one weekend she just disappeared. Phone was turned off for 2-3 days. And finally she calls me claiming she was kidnapped. I was like what??? Things seemed strange to me. She said some guy kidnapped her, raped her and finally she escaped. I was in a state of shock and didn’t know what to think. And then a couple weeks later, the same thing happened. Kidnapped again. This time she came back with a tattoo of a guy’s name. She kept on making stupid excuses that didn’t make any sense. She would go then come back with another tattoo. She previously had no tattoos. She ended up with 3 tattoos of the guy’s name. She claimed that he drugged her and had her tattooed while unconscious. Anyway, looking back, I was really stupid for even half-believing her obvious lies. Finally, her mom told me that the guy was her new boyfriend. By then it was obvious. Me and her mom did a little research on him and he turned out have an extremely serious criminal record. He was a career thief and fraudster. Also very violent. They would get into violent confrontations, with him almost choking her to death more than a handful of times. On occasion the police had to be called. They could literally not last 3 days together without a bout of serious domestic violence. She would cry and curse him and swear she’ll never go back but she always went back. At this point I was kind of dumbfounded.

A friend of mine suggested we go see a tarot reader. So we went. The tarot reader told me lots and lots of info about our relationship and the past, and except for one thing which was unknown, it was all accurate. She told me that the reason why Aby would go back to the new boyfriend was because he cast a Palo Mayombe love spell on her. Anyway, at this time I was sick of hearing about all her stupid bullshit and I just got a couple new girlfriends and went on with my life. I didn’t know what to believe, whether she was a victim of an African love spell or not. She confronted him about the spell and he admitted he had a spell cast involving Santa Muerta, not Palo Mayombe. I just cut the cord and extracted myself from the situation and decided to forget about her. Later I found out that they lasted about another month or two together until she finally left him for good.

To be continued…

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