My little sister was sexually assaulted and I want this person to feel pain


In this case you need to bury his picture in the grave where is buried person with the same name … Feel free to contact me on PM. I will help you with whatever I can.




You can also chant the enn in your mind. Some find it to be more effective.


Suffering seems like a better option for people like him. It may seem harsh but I absolutely hate sumbags like that.


I also want to Recommend Vepar. I haven’t worked with him but well Google him, you’ll see why I recommend him.


He needs to die. Why not both.


A good few weeks of severe suffering and a slow and painful death. That’s sounds most appropriate.


“The Book of Smokeless Fire”


Ogun is another. I’d put his pic up all over labeled pedophile & what he did. Just wear gloves, hoody at night. They can’t prove u did it. I’d get as close to him physically as possible & then invoke. My patron is Ashtoroth and I’ve done this when someone is threatening to me. My target is always uneasy, fearful, & wants to get away from me quickly. You could torment him into turning himself in.


My patron is also Astaroth/Ashtaroth, who has has actually been more helpful in aiding me with my creative and work-related undertakings.

I have recently started focusing al my “kill him” attention on the Sigil of Necheshthiron out of the Sitra Achra

Another option to add to this is to hurt them physically. Damage his genitalia. Blast his reputation. Etc. Make an Instagram page with his picture and that he is a rapist.

I think the gods help us more when we also help ourselves.


Pazuzu, azazel…
Also Turitil who is under Oriens can bring ansienty and panic to that person, even nightmares


Very impressive work.


Perhaps @Micah might be able to assist? Kinda his specialty :slight_smile:


Please keep us updated on what the daemon says after you evoke them?

Sorry for what happened I hope he gets what he deserves.


Via chaos magick: Invoke Pinhead from Hellraiser, imagine the target opening the box, let the cenobites fix the fucker.

In bold, I can vouch for.

Definitely Cthulhu, as primal as he is, he doesn’t tolerate that.

To quote a video game.



I hope you inflict pain upon this person by what ever god you see fit to do it! Personally I would just get a bat and knock the fuck out of him!


Hope justice was delivered and you gave him rectal cancer.