My little sister was sexually assaulted and I want this person to feel pain


Title says it all. My 17 year old sister was raped by a 34 year old man and he needs to be hurt. What demon is good for hurting someone?



Also Glasyas Labolos and Andras


If he has prior conviction or was taken in by police for this then his mugshot and basic information are public for you to use.


Got a whole list for you.

  1. Dratalon
  2. Keltar
  3. Andras
  4. Samael
  5. Lilith

Some of the most ruthless beings.

Use ingredients which are very baneful too like herbs.

  1. Dandelion
  2. Misteltoe
  3. Mandrake

For installing suffering of health use necromantic fetish items and ingredients like.

  1. Death Dirt
  2. Nails found in graveyards
  3. You can bury objects in the graveyard for seven days and seven nights and retrieve them with the intention of retrieving death essence.


Samael and Azrael are both archangels of death. I haven’t had the pleasure to work with Azrael yet, but I did evoke Samael once before and I was going to curse someone but he talked me down saying that it would hurt those around him as well, and that wasn’t a risk I was willing to take. But I know that both of them can get the job done.


Add Andromalius to the list! Basically every demon would help you with this! I have heard they like to mess with rapists!


List of spirits: Norath, Nergal, Kherty, Nyarlathotep, LUCIFER, Oshun, Hekate(she protects children), Morrigan (hates people like that), Michael, Abbadon, Lugh, Cthulu, and more.

Make him burn sister.


I’m thinking asmodeus. He raped her, someone rapes him.


I’ve always been a fan of binding on top of cursing. Make his life miserable and make him feel like he’s suffocating and can’t eacape it.

Make him suffer, sister!


If you do get a picture of him make a Sour Jar. Do you know how to make one?


Hi there, what’s the title of that book? I’d like to get it, thank you :slight_smile:


Kingdom of Flames by E A Koetting.


Thank you :grinning:


Andromalius will take this on and be sure he passes the findings to Andras for action. This has worked for me.

I am sure King Belial would destroy this guy too. Excellent mentions by there members though.

Lilith despises rapists and I would not like tho be this piece of shit if she goes after him.

If you have a relationship with Lucifer he would also help, I used Lucifer to destroy an abuser with great success


I’m also going to recommend working with Ares. A little known fact is that woman (or people) who where harmed by others would pray to him for vengeance.

Artemis, Heckate and Demeter should also take pleasure in punishing such a person.


I would just call on andras… Seriously Though, Andras is never to be fucked with gave me a message some time ago went something like “give me victims or feel my wraith” don’t really remember… Or like everyone has mentioned mother lilith is very good she not only destroys the rapist but also helps the victim recover from it… Good luck, the dude has no idea what storm is coming his way lmao


Thank you guys, I’m getting right to it tonight. This might be a dumb question, but can demons hear you if you whisper their enn? I have to be quiet tonight so I can’t really chant.


Yes they’ll hear you.
Please kill him. Kill him…


Yes they can! Also if you want just write everything down!


If you are into chaos magick at all, I’d suggest invoking Khorne, the god of murder, bloodshed, and warfare. He does not care from where the blood flows, only that it flows.

But, all of the above named Spirits are excellent for this, I’d also suggest
Dra 'talon

He is a demonic assassin, and he will haunt your target until they either kill themselves, or die of their own insanity. I don’t have his sigil laying around anywhere nearby, but I’m certain one of the other members should have it available.