My Life Is Starting Anew

So I don’t know who to thank but I’ll sure be thanking both Lucifer and Bune sometime soon with gifts! I was feeling hopeless like my life was never going to turn around. So I gathered up some hemlock and started making a poison with no cure. I had planned to kill myself at the start of the year if nothing changed before the first.

And then I met an older man who wanted to pay off my cards. He already paid off the smallest one to prove to me that he was trustworthy. And is about to take care of the biggest one. And unlike all other people who claimed they could help me, rather than wanting anything sexual from me he just wants me to give him company over kik and take care of myself.

I told him about my domestic abuse issues and he even is trying to hurry with paying everything down so that I can leave and have my own place so that I dont have to be in a bad relationship or with my abusive parents.

It feels so hard to believe. That I finally found someone who wants to take care of me. I’ve always had to take care of myself and everyone else. It makes me feel like I really must be a goddess. Once my stress is washed away with the ending of my debt I will be able to return to working with Lucifer in a stress free environment.

It makes me want to cry. There’s actually good people out there. I lost so much faith in humanity. And was just wishing for the world to blow up. :sob:


Congratulations @Kaya

Glad things are getting better for you :ok_hand:


The changes have started, life comes in cycles and rhythms and so it appears a season of favor is upon you. Congratulations, immerse yourself in the good times. Throw away the hemlock. Focus 100% on the positive experiences and good relationships you now know exist. Recreate your entire reality around what it is you do want, and feed zero energy into the things, experiences and perspectives which no longer serve you. This is excellent news.


Im glad you’re back Mija, again if you need anything dont hesitate to ask me, ok?

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I’m so happy for you keep your head up humanity sucks but there are still good ppl left in the world that wish for your every going success your wonderful n awesome goddess never forget that you can n will make it thru everything

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Wow sounds similar to my situation. I currently am living in my car to get away from my abusive father. My choice was either to die or start anew with Azazel and the other spirits

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