My life has made a total 180

I have to thank a few entities. I started the occult when things were getting bad, just to learn that being in the occult will fuck your life up even worse, and send you into a worse off situation then your in just to teach you the ultimate lesson that destruction comes before the rebuilding of your life. I had nothing to show for years of hard work, lost everything, and didnt know where to go. Now im set up so well, my finances are literally growing quarterly and I just keep seeing myself become more and more powerful by the minute. I literally went from living in my car to the photo below. I drive a good car, live on the water, have a hot girl who is smarter then I am, my occult business is doing well from the jump start, ive got multiple sources of income, and i am still on the incline… I want everyone to know that I am not sitting here trying to push air into my own head, I simply want to illustrate that magick CAN & WILL change your life if you approach it correctly. I like Ragnarsons last video about microwave magicians. If youre looking for a quick fix magick isnt the way, sorry. You must be mature enough to know this is like a sport or art, it takes time and when youre shooting for the stars as I am, you better get ready for a long ride. This didnt happen overnight, its been a progression of taking the tests with the lesson given later. If you think you are not going anywhere in magick because your spell didnt work in a week, I suggest you rethink this whole magick thing and either sack up or get out now before you really have to face the music.

Thanks to:
Big B Belial. My man. I call on him in a grocery line and he still answers my call and manifests my needs

Lakshmi- she got me out the hole to begin with

Bune- second demon that I ever called on





Asmoday this is new, we will see, a pre thank you if you will

Andras- same as Asmonday

Clementia- new on my block but is doing amazing things

Shemyaza- about to start working with him more but my few experiences have been nice

Duke Sallos






If I forgot any it is not meant to mean I am not grateful for the assistance


Forgive the mess thats a hotel room lmao


Lookin’ good my man. It’s always a joy to see when people start getting the life they want, by their own hand, via magick.


happy to see your growth mate. Hopefully i’ll be there with ya soon


Man its a great feeling… what is more incredible is that the better I do, the bigger situations get, and the bigger situations get, the more complex the magickal operations have to become, which turns into multiple operations per working, which just makes me a stronger sorcerer. The journey is crazy.


Ill tell you what I know was the strongest and hardest force to overcome that makes magick fucking work. The ability to always live in the moment. An internal “KNOW” that everything is in the hands of your ancestors, gods, and highest self. Even when negativity is right in front of your face, and you can truly say, if thats what the entities have in store for me then thats the right route to take, instead of fighting and evading, your long term magickal operations flourish because you arent resisting them.

There was a prayer i said to lakshmi every morning for about a year. The one line that stuck with me the most is:

I will not be burdened by thoughts of past or future. One is gone, and the other is yet to come.


Looking nice :sunglasses:



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Fuck yea! Congratulations man.


Hell ya!
Great news and just keep going up if thats what you desire :wink:


Well done brother and looking sharp! Cheers! I love hearing great success stories.


Oh you beat me to it. :expressionless:


Haha :joy::joy:

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Thanks so much

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I would like to hear more, feel free to elaborate on your success it’s an inspiration!

Well I was lucky enough to have a mentor that taught me how to have patience with magick. Thats really in my opinion the biggest issue today with most young magician’s and even my clients. I cast a spell and a week later theyre telling me they see no signs of anything. Meanwhile I have told them not to think about it or dwell. They agree then a week later its. I see nothing, what else can we do to make this stronger?! Haha, for starters lets stop this conversation. The line above really is the most important. Truly being able to hand the drivers seat over wearing a blindfold. Its so difficult to do and takes a lot of will power.


When an obstacle comes in my path. I NO LONGER REACT. I dont worry. I dont begin to THINK of 1000 different scenarios, or try to figure out a way to avoid it. I literally calmly know that my entities will take care of it, pay it no mind at all. As the problem gets close I say. Its going to honestly be fine, the spirits put it there for a reason and it may have a mask as bad luck ahead but I know (bc its happened so many times) that the other side of that problem is a better life and i just have to trust it.


Most of the time the obstacle disappears also.


Congrats man hope things improve for you my life has not been as nice unfortunately family has been causing problems with my barriers and such it sucks but oh well this is about you man so congrats

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Ooh look at you go!

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