My life has gone to hell

Hello everyone,

New to the forum. I paid a magician to make a blood pact for me with Belial a few months ago and ever since my life has gone to shit. I lost $4,000 to scammers in an illegal, fraudulent scam, got my first arrest and spent a night in the drunk tank, have a court date tomorrow morning, my car (which I bought just last August) is considered totaled as a result of an accident back in January, got into a fight with my sister’s boyfriend about a month ago. In December I got into a verbal altercation at my state job with another co-worker and made some inappropriate comments to him. I got put into paid time off while there was investigation made into it. I have now received news that my job is being terminated within the next week. I barely have enough money to make it through the month. I really really wish I had that $4,000 back in my account. I can’t believe I gave away all that money to these scumbag scammers. I want to scream and drives me to tears. Which means I probably won’t get a check for next month. Which then means I’m now on the verge of losing my apartment and being homeless. Fuck me. These scammers keep calling me asking for money. I’m really tempted to go to the cops despite the illegal nature of it. I want my money so bad ughh. I had only been to work for one week (after being off for 8 months because of a car accident) when this incident with co worker happened. This car accident back in April is the catalyst for when my life really went downward. I don’t know if this pact is with Belial, could be an impostor spirit. Or if this really is Belial then he’s a mean bastard. Unsuccessfully, I haven’t been able to communicate with Belial in all my pervious evocations and invocations. Don’t if it’s something on my end or on his end. So many questions and no answers. Not gonna lie, I feel so much anger, hatred, wrath, and rage. I want that $4,000 back in my wallet so fucking bad it hurts. I want to report these criminal scumbags for taking advantage of me. The urge to do it is getting greater and greater. On top of that, I’m dealing with a lot of internalized homophobia with heavy pot smoking alongside for many years and friends who aren’t really good for me, despite knowing them for so long. Anyways, any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Well… in short im sorry and thats how Fucking Belial works. thats why i never called upon him when he turned my life around!! but to be fair in his defense, he is a hard teacher meaning; he teaches you through pain and struggle. Through that destruction you create and tap into the path you were meant to be on. I will also admit that through the pain he put me on… I was able to achieve 50% so far from the things i wanted, but if u ask me i paid a one hella of a price. I had to drop out, I had to lose the love of my life, I had to live in whole year in pain, I had to start all over again in a new city. but after all that… I met someone new, who is much more better in terms of how much they love me and treat me, I bought a brand new vehicle (under payments) but I still have no idea how i am able to afford it. I got approved for a full scholarship, and lastly some legal matters I had went totally smoothly. So if u want to look at Belial positively, what he did is harsh but it was for my own benefit and for me to learn. If you do not like his methods or energy then dont call upon him again. If you still want to deal with him and see why and maybe try to stop him from harming you, try to state that in future workings. Set the boundaries.

Anyway, I suggest you do the following:

1- call on Lucifer to stop belial from interfering in your life and to help you manage your legal stuff.
2- Call on bune to help you with your financial situation.
3- Call on Marbas to help you heal and manage this traumatizing experience.
4- Maybe dont call upon Belial again.


Okay, what was this pact supposed to achieve?

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First of all, you have a Pact with Belial, that you want to see through or cancel it, but you don’t want to just ignore it, a that could have unexpected effects.

In the other thread we saw advice to learn how to contact Belial and ask, if a) you actually do have a Pact and it’s not with an impostor or the other mages UPG. And ask him what is going wrong and what to do about it.
That is reasonable and you said:

So that’s number one.

Secondly, it won’t hurt to banish and cleanse to remove any all parasites, if Belial is really there it won’t hurt him.

We have some tutorials that explain what parasites are and various options for dealing with them.

And thirdly you also might want to channel that anger into a working for revenge or return from the scammers. Not least because this energy is unhealthy for you to keep inside you for long, and assuming there are parasites involved, they would be feeding off that and making it worse.

In qigong, it’s said anger adversely affects the liver, which stores anger, and you’re doing drugs which also tax the liver, so your health is getting a double whammy on this one. E.A.'s “ritual release of hatred” (you can find it on here but if you have trouble I’ll help you hunt it down) might work out for you for this. :slight_smile:


Kind and generous as always. :pray:

Peace & Blessings



I’m sorry you are in such a difficult spot right now. It is known that Belial will fuck you up if you do not do the work yourself with him, or if you do not honour the agreements. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I wish you the best.

Well, it would seem you have two options. You can either let your life go to shit or you can get yourself through it.

I’ve heard many stories like this one, especially from people new to demons. Belial is known to be a relatively aggressive and disruptive spirit who sometimes seems to cause damage to you, but is really doing what needs to be done, quickly and effectively, to make your life better.

I would focus more on dealing with these issues than worrying about the demon turning against you. I would even suggest continuing to connect with Belial, to go through this experience rather than giving up magick.

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In my experience I also had a hard time and still have slightly a hard time. It started when I moved to Las Vegas. There I was taken an interest in working with Goetia spirits and other gods and spirits of this area. That’s when things went nuts. My friend basically turned into a lunatic and I was forced to move. I moved across the US to another friend and from there a similar instance happened. I then found a job with this one lady to be her aid. Turned out to be one of the BIGGEST lessons of my life.

I left her after a point of basically couldn’t take it anymore. I then however started to see my life start to form. I got my own place though it’s only a room but it’s good on the wallet while going through school. I got an entry level medical job that will pay for my schooling once I start. Basically free nursing degree at my fingertips. I am also now starting to get into the things Iv been wanting to do for myself but couldn’t for a while. Like tattoos, dying my hair, expressing more of my authentic self and best of all more of my own room. I have a space for me and myself that no one will disturb me and that I can just be. I know much more is on the way but this from start to now is about three years.

I am still going through some tough lessons but I know I can do it. Who is helping me with all this mess? Who is the ones that basically made me move to this point and forced me to go through experiences that many would break from or give up? Belial is definitely one. Satan is another. Abbadon is one other and Lucifer is the other. There is a few others. But these people are naturally known to NOT be easy. But in my experience if you just learn how to handle what is thrown at you and able to quickly get your mind in order and think on your feet, you will see that all this is to pave way to what you want. However like many know, it does not come cheep or easy. Easy is not in any of their names I promise you.

So me personally, either go and get your self centered and grounded and really look at it in another angle. Use your rage,your hatred into a spell. Learn to use that as a energy to help propel your self forward. Use this energy as a means to better your self. Know your weaknesses and flaws and learn from them. Once you start to show that you are trying and not fighting the current, Belial will come and even teach you things that CAN be helpful. He can be hard, he can be tough but he isn’t heartless.

Or you can go and break the pact. You can just go to either an experienced practitioner or do it your self (which in the state your in may not be for the best…) and have it closed. Then either you can call on other spirits as stated above to help mend things to the best of abilities and you go on as you are now.

But I suggest not to do this. Why? Because at this point the pact is in its up swing per-say. So in this stage things are escalated and much is unstable. If you pull out now it might be fixed but your basically are in a in between stage. Be like some one taking a puff pastry out to soon. It’ll just collapse on it self. So basically part of you is changed/changing while the other is yet to start. So to say the least you at this point can’t go back to how things were. Because you are now different. You can try but you will find out that it may not be exactly a fun time. BUT if you want this the door is right there.

Now even though there feels like a huge rush because of X,Y and Z is happening and loosing your place is no fun. However use this time to use that energy in a spell, use this time to ground and center your self also use this time to start the healing process. Just like your body as it grows, it gets damaged like your bone or muscle, however with the proper diet and care that pain and aches goes away quickly. So really look on this as that. But if you feel you need help during this time there is other spirits that can help you, just be carful of who to call on. To many will make things worse. But a spirit for healing for example would be beneficial and when it comes to law, money ect well Belial is the go to person besides Lucifer, Satan or Lilith. But since you have a pact with him, try to approach him with the mind set of “I want to better my self…” and not “You bastard has ruined EVERYTHING! I want it back!” Cuz yeah he definitely won’t come to you with that lol


@Zoclora Had the same happening to me recently started working with Arachne turned my life 360 around breaking all the walls I’ve been building over the years xD good lesson indeed

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@Completelyworthless, in my humble opinion, you will consider something to approach The King Belial, try to start with a simple petition and see if this works for you:

All you need is a pen and paper, write a simple, concise letter, and ask him for his help.

Hope that helps.

Peace & Blessings


Try these and see how it works for you.

Prayer For Healing
“Hail Verrine, full of green, the life is with thee, lively art thou amongst demons, and lively is the fruit of thy self, health. Happy Verrine, maker of health, dwell in your followers, now and each hour of our lives amen.”

Prayer for Inner Strength
Tezrian, grant me the wisdom to find my strength. I am
transformed in your light. You stand alongside me to face
those who oppose me. With you as my guide, I will traverse
the obstacles that fall in my path. I invoke you as a part of
my own inner strength. May I be blessed with your divine
strength. Naamah.

Peace & Blessings

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For some quick money, check out this thread, and also use the search function.

Peace & Blessings


In short, you’re experiencing belial initiating you into his currents. You’ve done this through someone else. If you want out of this then tell them to remove themselves from the pact they’ve made on your behalf and make your fucking own pacts.

It’s very unlikely that you’ll ever see authentically clean results by pacting with belial without having your own working relationship and clearing what’s making you unable to sense how to find active roles in making up solutions for the very obvious ritual backlash which your magician is experiencing for you if they won’t remove themselves from taunting you over their own failure to perform priestly duties and manage the cleanup and damage control necessary following their having thrust you into this without letting you in on the secrets of pact making and what should be expected of you.

All I’m saying is this: if you’re going to perform magick for people and charge them for it, then you should behave as a mentor or solve their problems when your performance hasn’t measured up to standards.


As a saying tat go,Magick tat burn you house is not magick.hard lessons,but nxt time maybe look another sprit.or magic.bcse sometime we lost the little we have,and tat make us resent the spirits.

I can recommend a day salth bath…sea salt .nxt 2 days a amoniack only 2 drops in bath water,becafull whit u eyes,2 drops to bath water,I’m not a doctor,then the basil and orange, bath to bring luck ., After 2 weeks,and find a sprit you feel good to energy and aura be more clean and positive,

Pact making is a serious commitment. You’re in there brother or sister, and by the time you’ve found the solutions for those problems you won’t be able to cry for help anymore because Belial was a meanie to you. He’s not considered a ruler of infernal powers for nothing is it?

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The point is…we get tested and tested, till we let the fuck go or our fingernails are going to be added to Loki’s boat. You can dance with Satan or you can “know thyself!” as one with higher source consciousness. Maybe some Rudolph Stiener teachings might help the mind/intelligence and bring some connections into your actual lineage and get some roots.Ultimately we are on a path to immortality and full embodiment we have that opportunity this lifetime. Master your mind/Excalibur.

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