My Ki manipulation technique

Hello everyone! I’m here to share a quite simple technique (I find it simple, in my opinion) that I frequently use when I practice Taijutsu (Japanese Hand-to-Hand combat). The result it’s quite similar to the powers of Iron Fist (That Marvel superhero). It is not directly magik. It takes just 4 steps:
1- Sit, get yourself comfortable and meditate for a while, 5 minutes it’s enough for me.
2- Start to focus your mental energy on your belly, focus and make that feeling bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger.
3- You can think about an element that makes you feel strong and safe, like fire, electricity, etc. You need to feel this element getting stronger and stronger, just like your mental energy.
4- Send this energy to some specific part of your body, like your arms or legs to make them stronger for a while, to your senses to make them more effective, or even to a wound at some part of your body to make it heal faster!

That’s all, as I said I find it simple and it has helped me a lot with my martial arts sessions, and even it helps me to get more concentration when I meditate.
I hope you find this technique useful!


Very nice! Thank you :slight_smile: