My Journey with Lord Clauneck

This is going to be the beginning of my journey with working with Lord Clauneck. Any advice and support for doing everything right with Lord Clauneck?


Night 1: I had just got suspended for the 3 days of wrk I do wrk out the week. So I decided to call on Lord Clauneck finally. I been looking for a new job with better hours and pay but tonight made me want better. So I lied in my bed and called out to Lord Clauneck for help, surrendering to him. I then went into a trance state. And I started to hear voices and see images.

Once I asked and gave my offering I asked him would he be okay with my offering and will he help me … but he told me that I would hv to get permission from Lord Lucifer and that him and Lucifer wrk hand and hand would be best for me. I was like yes I have no problem with that heck I’m overjoyed!!!
Then I heard the voice say eat dinner then WE will talk with you.
Well it confused me bc I was already in bed it was like 1-2 am. Then I started reading on Lord Clauneck a little deeper and found out that after an invocation you get tired and your energy gets drained bc you put your all in it … and yes afterwards I past out with out myself knowing lol :joy:Lord Clauneck also is strongly passionate about health so he wanted me to eat bc im skinny and I don’t really eat regularly like I’m supposed to. Overall I enjoyed our talk and knw now that I need to take care of myself before He will help me !


Lord Clauneck allowed me to find 21 dollars on the ground today All hail Lord Clauneck!!!


Thank you Lord Clauneck!!! I asked Lord Clauneck to get me an interview at Chase in Walmart and he has came through on a Monday and is doing Great because I asked for him to get me an Interview Monday a week ago and it’s Monday and he came through for me again Thank you Lord Clauneck!!!


Currently waiting on a response from Chase Thank you Lord Clauneck!

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Interesting journal @Tre_Anderson