My Journey With Belial Has Finally Come To an End

I’m not going to lie, when I got into this shit eight months ago, I was a Tumblr witch with zero knowledge in real magick. I drank tea, burnt basil, and called myself a witch, because I was scared of my actual calling. When I was a child I would go with my mom to cast out demons all over town, and I always felt called to them more than I did the praying in yelling in God’s name. However, I was scared, my entire life I got told not to commune with the devil, and then last October I ignored that rule and channeled Azazel for the first time.

Now everyone I got advice from told me to take it slow, but apparently I can’t listen to shit, so on January, 2, 2019, I felt the call to the first gatekeeper and answered. Instead of ninety days, he told me to give him thirty-three, which was odd, but I listened. Around the middle of January the tricks started, and parasites were planted, then he told me to let him stay, and give him more time to get me to where I needed to be to move on to Amaymon, so I did.

Ten months and I have developed serious psychic skill and knowledge, but not without a cost. If you’ve read my previous posts then you know about the parasites, yeah he planted those fyi. By the middle of February I had a court date, and he told me I needed it to grow. By May I had ran away across two states because he had flipped my life so fucking upside down I couldn’t think straight. By June I went to jail for the first time and now have six months to a year of probation. By July I attempted suicide by overdose in the woods and came within minutes of death, and by August I had lost everything. All of my family members are hurt and could live without me, suddenly my mom loses all faith is God and is now a practicing light worker, I lost three different jobs, and no therapist has the medicine to treat me.

Throughout September I started to realize what was happening. I had been broken. Everything I knew had been stripped away, I was hurt, and I was more confused than I’d ever been. I didn’t get why he broke me down in such a dramatic way, I mean come on, dude convinced my girlfriend an I to commit suicide, his lies and really realistic threats almost got me killed. Then, this months I figured out that it wasn’t a hoard of different demons tricking me, it was him, and hiss army of rat bastards, so I fixed it. I locked them up and as I was doing that Belial watched, and the second I finished the spell, I knew I did it. It was finally over.

I went through trial by fire, but in ten months I gained skills and knowledge that would normally take me years to master. I walked through the metaphorical pits of hell, and came out the other side. He did do exactly as I asked, but my God was it a nightmare.

Belial basically told me he was going to take me on an enlightening hike, and then when we got to the top of the mountain he flung me off, broke all my bones, and then said that the most enlightening part of the walk is when you have to crawl your way back up.

I’m a bit pissed that this was the method he used, but I am grateful for the experiences I’ve gone through, I am grateful for how much I’ve grown.

Tonight I begin my journey with Lucifer-Amaymon, may the God’s be with me.


Lost my girlfriend, got locked in a holding cell for 5 days straight amongst other things.
Was on the brink of being homeless multiple times.
Multiple suiciude attempts.
And multiple encounter with cops and intense drugs.

Belial is not for the feint of heart to say the very least.


So my question is for the two of you @Titan.M and @Acara , when I read your posts, It’s almost implied that Belial made this happen to both of you. Belial does not cause you to hit rock bottom, you do that on your own. He does not make you want to kill yourself, put you in jail or put drugs in you. Am I misunderstanding. If I am I apologize. I just want to clarify.

@Acara, I’m curious to hear more on how you feel you have grown through your Belial experience. What makes you different now than you were before?


I don’t work with Belial, but Azazel has been my master since the beggining and the ordeals have been most severe. From the outside, it looked like if someone put a curse on me, in fact, most people around me doesn’t appreciate my achievements, mostly because my achievements are antinomian to Catholicism and social expectations, they just remember how ruined was my life, but there are some that appreciate how I miraculously became a successful and sane person who does his own will. The knowledge, abilities and resources that I’ve obtained along the way are many. I encourage everybody to work with him, If I hadn’t had such life changing experiences, I would probably be dead, although sometimes I wished I was dead, but now I laugh at those memories.


Sheeesh…I was going to work with Belial for success in court related matters (haven’t done much work with Demons yet). The last 4+ years have already been very difficult and I’ve been stripped of so much in life. Hanging on by my very will, I have already been through the fire. Now I’m worried about working with Belial because I don’t have the strength for any more bullshit or to lose more, if that’s what would happen…

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Who knows. There was a lot of stuff happening in that month and the months leading up.

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I know that feeling, god damn…


Really strong of you to pull yourself through this and energy victoriuous.
I must day the beginning of the thread and title had me worried for you for a while(;
Not doing as deep work with the gatekeepers yet as this but have it started and have had troubles and obstacles thrown my way and working on getting around them so reading other ppl succes stories only strenghtens my own determination.
Good work of you @Acara and gl on the continuation with the gatekeepers.


In my experience (not with King B. but with a different spirit) the ordeals CAN be real and they CAN be really really unpleasant. I had nice things going for me at the very beginning but I had also really rough stuff I had to go through at the same time.
In my case I know that these things are closely connected to each other because it was my job to solve it and to confront myself with it. He didn’t let me find just ANY way around these problems, I had to go straight through each of them which was not my favourite thing to do before he took me under his wing.

Of course I don’t think that King Belial shows up at your door and says “Well, its jail time!” but I can imagine that he is a really strict and relentless teacher who pulls you on your hair through the most unpleasant things :thinking:


I feel the same way. It’s like, c’mon Where’s the personal responsibility?

To the OP, even when working with powerful beings, there’s still personal responsibility. They didn’t force shit on you. There is never any assertion - and that’s straight from Source. You attracted it in some way. What’s already manifested was in the becoming for quite a long time, from a vibrational point of view. The universe always takes the path of least resistance. In your case, it meant what it meant. What needs to be rebuilt needs to be broken down. It’s as simple as that.

I’m glad you got through it. Kudos to you. :blush:

Best of luck with the next stage. :crossed_fingers:


Except… He does. No he doesn’t outright kill you, but he will put you down in every possible way to make it seem like that’s your only option, the same goes with drugs and everything else. He is a master at psychological torture. The reason I went to jail is because I got caught for stealing, which is something I don’t do. At the time the parasites/imitation spirits had been planted and I was very actively possessed. I couldn’t remember walking into the store, talking to the cops, what I took, etc. It was like I completely blacked out for an hour or so. He he feels his best course of action is to tear you down, he will tear you down.

As for how I’ve grown, it’s insane. Looking back on it now he did exactly what he needed to. He broke me and I got up, and then he did it again, and again, and again. Every single time, I got back up. My personality is completely different, my life is completely different, I’m stronger than I ever thought possible, and I could literally live without anyone and it wouldn’t matter.


I feel like more people need to address the fact that demons, while they can rebuild and shape your life, can, and sometimes will, choose a path of destruction to get you there.


It’s not always the case, when I came to him I asked him to help me advance as quickly as possible, no matter the cost, so that’s what he did. Other people have better experiences, but if he feels the need to destroy you to get you where you’re going, he will.

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Thank you! and good luck to you as well

I was always scared of going to jail, scared of authority, police, etc. so I think that’s why he did it, to show me that I could survive it

I have to head out but I will respond to you later for sure. I like this topic a lot, it’s close to my heart and well worth a deeper discussion.


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He took the things I was most afraid of and made me walk through them, the only thing I really did was show fear, and in that sense I did call those things in. No spirits don’t force you into to things, but they can manipulate you into it. I told him that I wanted to advance as quickly as possible, I didn’t care what it took, and the easiest and best way to do that was to destroy me and see if I could make it out alive. Belial reminds me of a fae in the sense that if you don’t word everything in specific ways and you just tell him to go ham, you’re looking at about an 80% chance of being fucked over in one way or another. It was worth it and if I could go back in time I’d go through it all over again just to get where I am today.

I also want to mention that everything he did was because I was afraid of it, at least that was the main reason. I was scared of jail and government authority so he made me face it. I was scared of dying, so he brought me to the brink of death. I was scared of so many things, and now I’m not because I survived each and every one of my fears. I advanced because he put me in a very sink or swim situation, and I 90% understand why he did what he did.


Like I said, the universe takes the path of least resistance. Meaning, the route Belial took to get you to where you are now was the shortest and probably easiest route.

I don’t see how Belial manipulated you into it. He delivered what you asked for in the quickest possible way.


I agree with you, but it was done using manipulation. Manipulation of both me and reality around me. It was the quickest way to get me there, but that way also required manipulation.