My journey to awaken new

Okay! I will start my journal as it will motivate me while I go through some spiritual changes and also a place get get things from my mind out into the open breeze hehe.

Last I posted about trying to open my third eye using energy around me, well I did things wrong… oh well we learn from our failures.

This time I used visualization, now I’m not very good at this as I can normally see grey outlies of what I try to keep focus off. After a little while, I felt a pressure on top of my head, it felt like cold air pushing down on me. After a while of this, I could feel pressure from in-between my two eyes, just slightly above. As this was happening, the faint picture in my minds eye shifted to another image in full color. Now this lasted a few seconds but man was I amazed.

I’m going to keep this practice up as I feel the flashes will eventually turn into at lease a few mins longer. Funny thing, an old memory from when I was a young teenager surfaced. I remember that I was laying on my bed looking up to the celling when then different colors suddenly appeared. They were swirling around for a few seconds, then I felt a presence to my left. I saw a human shaped being, I could not see his features as he was covered head to toe in light. As soon as I saw him he vanished into nothingness.

Now I think this was caused by theta gamma sync as I was looking up to the corner my celling. I’m going to have to investigate this more by trying theta gamma sync.

Thanks if you made it this far and Darkest Blessings.

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