My journey into the Darkness

Hi everyone. My intention with this thread is to share my experiences and personal insights so far through EA’s masterpiece “Works of Darkness”. I believe we can all benefit from reading others’ experiences and share things with each other. If you happen to be a beginner (especially a more skeptic one :P) then get excited and read on, cos I’m also just starting out myself, so this is something anyone can do regardless of your background.

So it all starts out with much confusion, to be honest. There I was, trying to understand things like, what does “darkness” actually mean? That sounds kinda vague and generic now doesn’t it. Plus, the definitions I got directly from the book made me even more confused, I just couldn’t relate all that evil with most of what I knew from Left Hand Path philosophy.

Still puzzled, I was in a dead end of some sort. The desire for change in many areas was almost overwhelming. Even without a clear understanding of what I was diving into (and a bit scared to be honest, the good old fear of the unknown), I knew that whatever the hell that was, it would bring me change in one way or another. So I embraced it to see for myself. And I’m glad I did.

The first meditations in which I could see and feel the darkness were very real and very powerful, but not that meaningful since it was still a mystery. I kept at it until I got to the point I had to actually breathe it within myself, and become the darkness myself. It didn’t feel right at all, but to hell with it…oh boy, that was when everything changed…I got addicted to that mysterious, evil meditation. And something big was on its way. Now, all things that were maybe a little too twisted and sick such as calling forth demons, curses, mind control or whatever miracle you can achieve with Black Magick doesn’t sound “nasty” nor “shocking” anymore. Just perfectly natural. Now that’s what teh darkness mean to me, and that was the turning point. Not to mention that it is with this darkness that I empower myself and my rituals. So, do not avoid those visualizations. It may sound silly, or maybe a bit creepy, but it can completely change things for you, because, ultimately the point is to change yourself.

As I continued reading, the next practical exercises were candle magick rituals, and mind you, that’s exactly what I wanted to do for a long time but couldn’t due to the fact that I live with my Christian family, so you obviously know what’s up. This was very frustating because I wanted the freedom to do it for years now. They’re not hardcore Christians, but Black Magick would be a little too much, eh?

Anyway, I continued reading the book, keeping an eye out for opportunities to finally overcome all of that. This may sound superficial to you, but it meant a lot to me, I had to ignore my interest in the occult for years and living life knowing that things could be different is just so frustrating…

I started reading the chapter on sigil magick something immediately caught my attention. It wasn’t just sigil magick, but demonic sigil magick. And the fact you’re actually contacting entities was probably a way out, I instantly saw the potential of that, and had a feeling like “this is it”. I didn’t have any tools to work with, no altar, no candles, nothing… I couldn’t tell how effective that would be, but the grand demon Martal is responsible for initiation into Black Magick. I just couldn’t waste this opportunity, the ritual could be totally clumsy and messed up, but I had a reason for that and was truly commited, I knew the demon would respond well to the situation, since the very reason for such a half assed ritual was the fact I wasn’t initiated yet and couldn’t wait any longer. And I was right. Martal proved to be way more powerful than I imagined and also very generous to the beginner magician. I simply drawed his sigil, charged it, recited the conjuration but came up with my own heartfelt prayer in the heat of the moment.

It was only a matter of days later, I had every single tool I would need for the rest of my pathworking. As I said before, this may sound silly to you, but buying all that stuff and managing to keep it secret here was WAY out of my comfort zone. I really mean it. So this experience was so meaningful to me, I can’t put it into words. I felt proud of myself, and very grateful for Martal’s assistance.

However, I was still very uncomfortable with keeping all that here umprotected in my room. I just came here in the forum to see what I could do, and got an excellent recommendation to cast a protective spell on the furniture I currently keep my tools. This works like a charm :slight_smile: (By the way, one interesting thing I’ve noticed is that the spiritual blackness generated from the spell still lingers there every time I open it, I can see it and feel it!)

Now it’s when it all finally begins: “BURNT OFFERINGS”

This is the chapter where candle magick is introduced, as I now obtained all tools I just came back to it. And I should say I’m pretty good at “grounding” since I cast some spells now and can barely remember how many or what for lol

The very first ritual is to attract love. But not in a specific way, you basically leave it open to the universe, so you will receive more love in the areas you need the most. And the funny thing is, you not always know what those are. You might think you do, though. Basically, my result with that was self love. It just opened my eyes to things I previously ignored, and “all of a sudden”, people and situations came to me in ways that I could improve myself. My social life, my looks, health, self esteem, confidence, and so forth. This was I think a month ago or maybe even more, and I still experience results from this ritual.

                 "DEMONIC SIGIL MAGICK"

I haven’t yet performed all the candle rituals, I adapted many and as I said I can’t even remmeber most of what I’ve done. I did perfrom the “bringing friendship into fruition” though, and am slowly experiencing results, I’ll update as stuff keeps happening, and when I find the time to perform the remaining ones which are to compell a lover and a money spell.

As I’ve already had a great experience with Martal, I then proceeded to work with Kaltemtal. This was also an initiation, and this demon initiates the magician to the secrets of domination. Just like the darkness thing, that also sounded kinda vague. I didn’t know what to expect. In my experience Kaltemtal proved to be mysterious but very interesting at the same time. As I visualized the black aura around me, expanding through my Temple, the visualization took a life of its own and I could see the black smoke filling my entire house. I kind of felt very awkward when I saw it coming even into my parents’ room. I could then, hear the demon talking to me by placing thoughts in my mind: “It is not because you are the one summoning a demon here that others will not feel my influence.” Hehe…how’s that? Although that can sound creepy, it feels very playful when I remember it, but he was dead serious at the same time!

When the ritual is complete, this time you’re supposed to keep the sigil on you for 3 days, and when your mind returns to it, you have to feel the demon’s influence “by seeing your aura blackening, dominating even the air that it touches”. As a beginner, my visualization skills aren’t that good, and my mind was dwelling on the sigil for too much time. I really felt the need to improve it, and experienced different reactions. When imagining the aura, I’d sometimes spontaneously smile, other times I’d just feel frustrated by my skills and would end up trying too hard. Plus, I still was puzzled regarding what the demon’s powers were in the first place. It was all so confusing…

On the last day I think, I just came to Kaltemtal and tried to contact him to get some answers. I did not gaze at the sigil, in fact I didn’t even meditate. I just stopped doing whatever it was that I was doing in the middle of the day, just took a few deep breaths and approached the demon, something like: “Kaltemtal, Grand Demon of the Kingdom of Night…come to me, and show me your powers. Show me what this is all about. Provide me the knowledge, and the understanding.” I closed my eyes and said… “Kaltemtal…what is it that I should dominate?”…

Some 2 seconds later, I heard in my mind a harsh voice, shouting “YOURSELF!”

Now that wasn’t playful at all lol

I could not understand his message immediately, but anyway, it felt good to know I was actually contacting a Grand Demon. His voice wasn’t very clear, but it was as if he would place thoughts in my mind. I knew those were just thoughts, but they felt forced, not mine at all. It’s unexplainable I think.

Not long after that, everything fell into place. I could easily relate to the fact that I always try things too hard and should be less of a perfeccionist, and less attached to many things, since that is a major block to have, and I will absolutely need to achieve this to develop not only as a magician but as a person as well.

Following on, I contacted King Paimon via the same sigil magick technique. I contacted him weeks ago and I couldn’t see any results, I may have to keep an eye out for any sudden opportunities for the manifestation. I wish to contact him again about this working, so it’d be a good idea to evoke him. The only issue is that I’m yet unexperienced at evocation, so I don’t really know if some scrying will do, or if I’ll have to work my way into evocation.

I’ll keep working on my psychic awareness and see what I can do.

Any observations or recommendations are always welcome by the way ;D

Cool thread, it’s very pleasant reading someone else’s experience with this life-changing book! I do have a few comments, if you care to read them:

When it comes to how the Darkness is described in such terms as “evil” even if you’re sceptical about the usual baggage that comes with that term, I ended up viewing it as being necessary to condition one to actively take Power over oneself and the world around them. Which, evidently, is something that people of normal natures flinch away from, including even some of us until we really immerse ourselves in something like this Darkness, that makes taking Power (and our modern culture very much “demonizes” the concept of power-seeking and ambition, as always evil unless the proper moral wards against the evil-eye of herd-morality opinion are enacted) seem like the most natural thing in the world. Well, that’s my opinion from my own experience, anyway.

Very cool bit about the unconventional meeting with Martal, absolutely ritual is subject to adaptation when the need calls for it, and I salute you for being this new to such things and still having the confidence to go right ahead into it and make it work. Yes, there’s a time to do things in sequence and according to precedent, but there’s also the case of judicious judgment and it seems like your experience here has vindicated your “impulsive” action. Results are what matter, after all! Also, Martal is still one of my favourite, favourite spirits because of the constant stream of secret information and personal gnosis he hasn’t stopped sending my way since I first contacted him. I actually took the time this past weekend to contact him again simply to expressly thank him for all the constant “behind-the-scenes” action on his part throughout all of my other little plans and projects, without asking for a thing, purely for his own motives of spreading this knowledge to the ones who seek it.

Cool results with the candle magick, too, just try not to view it as a “checklist” as in, “I’d better do all of these rituals so I can call myself a sorceror and ‘graduate’ to the next stage of the work” or something. Not looking for a specific lover? Wait until you are. Not looking for extra money? Let me find my bank’s routing number. Get plenty of practice with what you do want in your life, but ultimately they are your decisions. The main point of the variety of exercises in that chapter, I would hazard, is to help you put the pieces together as far as the essential elements that go into -all- of these diverse rituals, and that is where you can take away the essential understanding you are supposed to. My own opinion, anyway, again.

Good to know the sigil work has had results for you. I have personally experienced the spirits from KoF to be extremely task-oriented and intensive workers from the very start on the operator’s behalf. The other, more famous spirits from other sources (so, in that chapter, King Paimon and Belial) behave (again this is only my experience) more as established and very dignified personalities which have to be taken into more consideration during more formal communication.

As for King Paimon, have you seen RavensAscent’s thread about working with him? There are whole loads of great info in there that I shouldn’t try to sum up briefly in this comment.

Anyway, cheers, and keep up the good work - it only gets more addictively empowering from here!

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I see. Well, I’m not sure I got exactly what you meant, but if so, I have similar views. In fact, that’s why I adapted the rituals to many different purposes and they all worked! Not as I expected them, but now that I think of them I could have been more specific…well, it served as experience.

By the way I also have a very similar view on the darkness!

Cool, I checked Raven’s thread but should go through it again, thanks for the input!

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By the way, I feel I should add that I’m currently feeling like expanding my knowledge about the occult in general. I mean, I know I shouldn’t care that much about it since it’s results that I’m after, but I really feel like studying and understanding the writings of famous occult authors like Crowley, Waite, Levi and so forth.

The problem is that I’m often lost reading their stuff, and dont seem to know where to start since I don’t know the context nor have any previous knowledge, so any references they make is useless to me at this point, since I can’t even comprehend it, seems like they’re writing in some sort of code, or sometimes the topic is very interesting but I’m always clueless about HOW to actually apply all that.

But anyway, the whole thing with WoD is going quite well, I’ll continue through it and maybe try to expand a little bit by learning some more about the kabbalah, I think it would help to actually grasp the other books later on.

I simply cannot recommend WOD enough. Absolutely loved that book!

Apparently, many others do too.