My Journal

I am starting a journal that I will fill in with more information, but I must write down the experience I just had before I forget.

I was trying to make sense of a paper on S-nitrosylation and ageing (Rizza et al., 2018) and mesh it with my work, but I was up against a wall. Then, suddenly while staring at the abstract, I felt a bizarre sensation, a warmth across my back, sides, and neck. It was pleasant; comforting. And then to my left behind my computer screen, in my mind’s eye, I saw the face of a stern yet kind lion. He didn’t speak, but gave me the number 100328. I don’t know what it means. This happened at 3:36 PM approximately. 100328 maps to a tRNA polymerase in Serratia symbiotica that is also present in humans - the multifunctional CCA protein. In humans, it’s mitochondrial. Or maybe the number means something else entirely. I’m not sure. More to come.