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I’m relaxed now. I am halfway done. I need some resting time and I’ll be set for a rebirth of sorts. I’m close. I don’t knowwhy i did this in this specific way, but here we are.


For some reason, my magick is less effective and I am less effective at doing things after I did this ritual

I’m so not okay with this. Ugh. I dunno what I’m supposed to do either

You probably need to recoup.

If you just went through a death and rebirth you might need to let the changes set in first.

When butterflies emerge from the coccoon, they must wait for their wings to circulate spread out and harden.

Chrysalis Emerging 8

In the case of say, a tarantula…after it molts, it must wait for it’s new exoskeleton to harden before it gets up and goes around, otherwise it’s soft and fragile and may harm itself.

You may just want to chill and go through a period of self care for a bit.

You’ve got new wings, but they’re all wrinkled and you gotta wait for them to be ready before you fly.

After some R&R, you may find some interesting changes.

Don’t force it.

Just my thoughts anyway.

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