My journal of the old ways calling spirits forth in the name of god

For the longest time I have been having trouble evoking spirits and every time i tried to call one it kept happening that i NEED to call them forth in the name of god I don’t know why whether it be my christian upbringing that i felt safer with angels or what but i was combing an ancient grimour “the sworn book of honorious”

I have conducted a couple evocation this way today, demanding the angel opposite of them (according to the goetia) to arrive first and they have felt more powerful then I have ever conducted i even shed tears by how magnificent it felt i will have to keep this updated


It felt like it had more hootspa to it i called them forth and demanded there arrival and everytime i felt an angel behind me I knew they arrived by the wings that appeared behind me in my minds eye.

Both demons I called i gave them the respect they deserve and i felt my body get hotter and hotter my sacral went nuts. I have finally found my way

This is coming from someone that completely shunned angels originally but it never occurred to me that the very being I shunned it what I needed to call

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I should have realized along time ago when i first started believing in magick I was deppressed and found “spells of magick’s” website and found the angel “castiel” and I called him and begged him for magick to be real shortly after I found my way to jobcorps and met a guy who started teaching me i was enthralled while he went about cursing everyone he met i would be the only one to talk him out of it and there was another magician a RHP i was the intermediatery of the two one soley worked with angels and the other demons.

shortly after i was making a servitor one who was in the shape of a angel one who i didnt know about at the time “mariel” that was the first time i ever had a face to face talk with a spirit on the astral, she kept telling me to come back to yahway and after all this time i finally understood.

i pushed angels away thinking i was better then them and immersed myself into hellfire not realizing i also need angelic grace in my life i needed to balance myself. i have conditioned my chakras to be blackend but now i think i need them to be filled with light.

There is no good or evil! Left path or right path! Light or dark! There is just the moment that we are in…


I am painfully aware i am a very prideful and stubborn SOB and I had a grudge against angels for Yahway making me believe lies for most of my life and not helping me when i needed it.

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I had a series of dreams last night that had to of ment something and is telling me i am on the right track for myself.

In my dream my step father was a priest of the old church I used to be forced to go to and was talking about Mammon and Mammon equates to gluttony/greed but the weird part is i couldnt get over the fact that he was talking to me about it there was definatly a spirit communicationg with me but im not sure of what it wanted.

there was another dream that had importents but me being me i didnt write it down and focused soley on the first dream.

The first dream i remember him getting into my face screaming at me about Mammon, to whatever or whoever spoke to me thanks for letting me know i am on the right track.

In the Middle Ages it was often personified as a deity and sometimes included in the seven princes of Hell. Mammon in Hebrew (ממון) means “money”. Mammon is the god of material things

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i remember more of the second dream not as much as i would like but i remember there was something about my computer and being on it too much… i mean its not wrong

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Yo can you break down what you experienced with Angels because it’s an interesting thing. Working with both I had a better bond and knew demons and ancient gods before I worked with Angels methods are good but its hard to choose ya know.

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I do the same only for me Lucifer is what I call my main god head and the 72 are his angels. I see it as Lucifer being the entirety and the 72 being the various aspects of him. The same way white light hits the prism and becomes the multitude of colors is the way Lucifer hits the physical realm and becomes the 72.

wait is that true because I was assigned the task of summoning all 72 of them I got to 15 and said "not another until I have 10k and I am financially independent and I start my twtich stream (I was broke at the time lol)


I dont chose either they flash their names in front of my face


Did you ever get the 10k ?

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working progress I do not have 10k yet though :frowning:

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