My journal of runic divination on the stock exchange


This journal is my experiment that should reveal if divination can be useful to predict course of stock market prices. Some peoples try wealth magic, and I will try something that can be called wealth divination.
On start I must tell- this is as I said an experiment, so I will not make any real stock trades based on this- I don’t know what results there will be, and I don’t recommend to follow those predictions to make real trades.
To make it more valuabe I will make some assumptions:

  1. I will make reading with only one rune, and will try to predict price change of US S&P 500 index (up, down, or side)
  2. Prediction will be make once a week for the close price on end of the week, and once a month for month close price.
  3. I made some statistics for weekend close prices for last 20 years to have a picture how prices was shaped, and these are results:

Maximum price change was 12,1% up and -18,2% down.

Mean change was 0,09% (mean was calculated for all weekend changes) and standard deviation (STD) was 2,48%.

Range of change values for 1st STD was:
from 2,58% to -2,40%. Price changes in that range were 79,25 % of all price changes.

Range of change for 2nd STD was:
from 5,08% to -4,89%, Those were 16,16% of all observations.

3rd STD: from 7,57% to -7,38% and those were 3,15% of all.

I will not include here changes above or below range of 3rd STD because they were only 1,43% of all.
Upward price changes accounted 56% of all. There was only one week with 0,00% change.

Because prices on stock market can go upward, downward or go in side trend i will assume that side trend is for changes from -0,53% to 0,72%, this range is assumed from a quarter of standard deviation. For this range we have 28,49% of all observations, so if we include that in earlier calculations we have 50,76% observations for 1st STD

After all this statistic hell we have specific experiment rules. Congratulations if you read it all :slight_smile:



So first reading- Sowilo rune.
Because it is rune of sun, its have very positive meaning and it is irreversible. So prediction for change is clear: Price will go UP.
Last price from 17 april- 2874,56 $


Interesting & unusual thread, I’ll be following this with interest (no pun intended) - thanks! :+1:

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This is a very good idea. I like it. Especially now with the craziness of the market, it should prove very good for testing out divination.

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Price on close on 24 april was 2836.74 $, it is lower by -1,32% from last week close price.
Prediction was that price will go up so it didn’t go true.
I want to notice that price was down strongly only on firs two days of week, and other days it was steady growing.

Next prediction- Eihwaz rune.
This rune means yew tree, from which bows were made, and also it is one of trees that are green during winter. It can mean transformation, competition or chalenge. If so i think there could be some fight between “bears” and “bulls” on market and price will go SIDE, or in other words there will be consolidation on market- price will not change much.

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Close price on 1 May was 2830,71 $, and it is lower by -0,21% from last week close price.
I assumed that changes in rage between -0,53% and +0,72% will be considered as side trend, so last prediction was accurate.

And also when we took chart of price from last week, we can see that price was not changed much for 2 days, and after that for 1 day we seen strong growth and for next 2 days strong downturn, which means that we had strong competition between buyers and sellers, as was predicted.

Next prediction- again Eihwaz rune.
The prediction is as last one- Side trend, no bigger change comparing the ends of weeks, and we probably will see continuation of competition between sellers and buyers.

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Close price on 8 May was 2929.80 $ and it is higher by +3.50% from last week price close.
Last prediction was totaly not acurate, price was growing by the last 3 days of session.

Next prediction is Berkano
It means birch-tree and it is rune of growth and protection. Prediction is that the price will grow, and we will see some prevent actions to stop dropping in prices on market from goverments and financial institution ( despite that there already are implemented solutions for that), or that this growth will be effect of that actions.

Closing price was 2863.70 $ and it is lower by -2.26% from last week price.
Prediction again was incorrect here.
Price for first day didn’t change much and for next two days was going down aggressively, after which it turned up, but closed lower than at start of the week.

Next rune is: Eihwaz rune for third time.
This is quite unespected because there are 24 runes, so probability to draw after mixing this one rune again is low. Reading is same as before then: Price will not change much.

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Have you been able to make money from this ? I believe it is indeed a brilliant idea however it goes without saying that something on the same scale as the stock exchange would have a variety of forces protecting it , so you’d probably never be able to predict the changes enough to do anything significant .

No, i don’t make any real trades on this, as I stated in first post. This is my first attempt to use divination on financial market and really don’t know what results will be. So this is why I started this- to see if there is actually any sense to use divination for such use, made statistics and assumptions. In future i will decide if there is sense to continue this or change assumption, but now there is not enough data for any changes.
As you see, I also post real close weekend price and change of index I try to predict, for that anybody could have view if there is significance of predictions.

For last week closing price was 2955.45 $ and it is higher by +3.20% comparing to previous week.
Again divination was not accurate.

Next rune is Jera.
This rune symbolizes year and harvest, and according to runic poems it is prediction of wealth. So as i can now interpret runes, they tell that index price will rise up.

For last week closing price was 3044.31 $. It is change by +3.01% so reading was accurate this time.

Next rune is Fehu.
It is considered The rune of wealth, materialistic and because it is not reversed it have positive meaning. So the price will rise.

Close price for 05.06 was 3193.93 $ and it is +4.91% - yeah, Fehu rocks :smiley:

Next rune is again Jera, so prediction is same as last with this rune - price will still go up. (In my personal view, what we have now on the stock market is crazy)

Close price for 12.06 was 3041.31 & and it is lower by -4.78% so reading was not accurate.

Due of exams at the university i didn’t have time to sit on the reading on this week, so i will skip it and make another reading on weekend.