My Journal for everything

Hello BALG family, Im starting a journal here. AS the title states im going to write about everything magical that I do so to speak.



I started to do the exercises from the soul travel course. I was able to do the fist exercise standing. I felt relaxed. I was surprised that was able to be relaxed from the second try even tho I was standing straight.

I found the exercise before the last one to be easy for me, because I’m often doing it by myself :smile: I just love to move my astral double. I think I first saw In the book “energy work” by robert bruce. Which was like before a several months. I’m doing it since then. I tryed to do the last one where you just move your whole astral double out of your body, but didn’t succeed much. I couldn’t relax, probably because my parents were at home.

I have a question also that I’m just going to research right now, but I’m going to ask it just in case.

So, about the blue ray meditation.

Can I use a pillar white candle?
I would like to buy one, but my parents are going to ask from where did I bought it, why did I bought it and such things. I searched internet from purchasing sites of my country, but I have to collect the money 2 or 3 months for a complete because single ones I didn’t find.

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I’ve done the river imagination meditation for 15 minutes from the first try. There were some distractions and I changed the river 1 time, but I still think I’ve done it good.

I wonder if I’m doing it good. I’m concess during the meditation and very relaxed, like in between light and medium trance, but more like medium.

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I started to watch David Icke again. I started to be concern about many things. I started to wonder If all these spirits aren’t actualy a reptilian entities who wants to control us :thinking: hmm. Probably not.

Today I make a picture for Belial and consecrated it as an Idol for him. I’ve done a scrying session and I start to see very vague lines which looked something like a cow’s skull. Ive draw the basic Lines of what I saw. That was a few days ago, today I’ve done an invocation of Belial. I told him to show me more for the picture and I drew what I get the impression to draw. After that I consecrated it to him.

This is what I made

This is how I started

I think the final result looks cool.
Also Looks a bit Hawaiian to me.


Hello Balg, lately I haven’t done anything except to read occult books specifically draconian ritual book by Asenath Mason.
I wanted to share something with you. Some of you probably know that I make music and my goal is to become a world top dj and such. Well I wanted to start with something simple like making and selling beats. So I decided to make a talisman from an app. The app is dealing with rune meanings and bind runes and runic formulas. There was a formula for making a talisman. I followed the steps and a few hours later a girl texted me on IG. We talked a bit and she send me some vocals (which weren’t very good tbh, but I was ah… let’s say not very sober and tell her that she sings good). I wanted to make a beat, but never worked with vocals before so I haven’t done anything. And vocals are panned to the left ear. It’s like pain in the ass when you have to process audio like this. Any way I wanted to say that the talisman worked. It was business related one.
Here’s a photo

The red thing is blood. My blood.

About the post whit the drawing. It’s not a cow’s skull. It’s a crocodiles skull with horns.

Hello balg. A little update.

Now I can say with confidence that a can enter a relaxed state of meditation almost anytime :slightly_smiling_face: