My itroduction

forgive me as this is kind of new to me but allow me to introduce myself best I can.

My given name is Michael, yes like the angel, but my magick name is Destiny Black, Destiny, or Dark Destiny.I live in Mississippi

The field of divination am trying to explore has to do with gender and lust I guess.
Before finding Satan was a born againer and was given spiritual gifts. I quickly realized that the condemnation of who I was took me to the LHP. I am hoping to use magick to help find my way to be his in this path.

A few years back went from sissy hypno into satanic and even had a true tist in a dark session bring out this shadow self. Am hoping to get close to the demons who can help me follow the path to lust and femininity and remove the gender stigma.

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Welcome :blush:

Please could you expand a little more…

How old are you?

What kind of gifts?

What kind of areas of magic do you have experience in?

Welcome to the forum!

My body is 59 years old. The gifts I have experienced have been prophesying in church and seeing visions. I have not had much experience in actual magick as more so have used enns to call out a few demons. I have seen myself in the mirror as Baphomet as have tried to have him become one with me.