My Invocation of the Grumpy Croon Marchosias

I invoked Marchosias about 20 minutes ago. I was led to her by Belial and it makes sense because she works under him. This was by far the most sexual encounter I have had to date.

I could hear her voice and see her before I did the ritual. She was a blonde woman with grey skin and red eyes wearing a blueish robe. She was not super young nor super old. I could tell she was very wise. Her voice was very powerful and feminine. It reminded me of a mother in her 50s.

I cleansed my temple and decided that I was going to perform this ritual skyclad. I asked Belial if it was okay and he said it wasn’t necessary but would definitely power up the ritual. I stripped down and began the ritual. I will not be giving away my technique as I believe all magicians should adapt their rituals to their liking.

I offered Marchosias some lavender incense to set the mood. She was present immediately and was actually getting angry that I kept chanting her enn. She called me a “twat”. I could tell this entity does not bullshit and has no time for games. I had written a pact beforehand and we discussed the terms. She does not mind if I tell the terms of the pact but I will not reveal that personal information. I must offer her my blood and sugar every Friday, and if I forget the pact becomes null. This pact will last until either one of us breaks the terms or decides to end the partnership.

I was sitting sky-clad and there was of course very feminine energy but it didn’t make me horny. It wasn’t too sexual until the end. We discussed the terms and she explained that there was a lot of good things coming my way including very beautiful women. At this point she began to haggle me and say some very sexual things… Now, I do not talk about this kind of stuff but I have an abnormally large… yanno… Marchosias requested that I stand up so she could see the full size. I don’t know what it was about her… When she started talking about my genitals I became extremely horny and I gave in to her commands. She was apparently very impressed and told me that I need to use it to my advantage. The only way I can describe what I felt is this: :relaxed: :relaxed: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have never felt this kind of sexual energy in a ritual before. She was dominant and I loved every bit of it. After this showcasing of my junk, she told me she was leaving and to not forget the terms of the pact. I blew out the candle and burned the pact terms as requested.

Honestly, I am still in shock with how this went. I know I must detach know but damn, Marchosias, you really know what a man wants… I hope you guys enjoyed this reading and I’m glad to be able to share my experiences.

Take care, all.


Interesting, I was just thinking of contacting because of the description as being good to summoner, and being a good fighter so for protection.

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How do you know that Marchosias works under Belial?

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