My Invocation of Power The Eternal One Ritual

This chant was inspired by the bornless one that was tweaked by Belial for me and my friend. The ritual is of the same idea of awakening ourselves. Apparently for those of infernal leanings this ritual might be useful. If you use it successfully do report your findings.

The Eternal One

Thee I invoke the forgotten one
The one who stayed before being known and learnt about
Thee I invoke the eternal one
Who didnt born
To thee I invoke the bornless one
He who didst create the heavens and the earth
The hell and the abyss
Thee I call the darkest one who was born before duality existed
Thee who made light and dark
Thee who made the night and the day
To thee I invoke the monstrous one
The true fear and destruction of ideals
Of fear and of subjugation
For thou art BRHMN
For thou art Ouroboros
For thou art Azoth
Thee who art the lord and the servant
For the darkest god who bathe in the light
For thou art the most terrible and invisible lord
Thy strength lies in me
For thou art IGNIS
For thou art Aqua
For thou art Terrae
For thou art Caeli
For thou art Umbra
For thou art Lux
Thee who made the roaring waves and the burning fire
Thee who made the light and what flees from it
The who art the maker of the mighty mountains and the gentle sky
For i invoke thee the gentlest and most beautiful lord
For I’m thy child for I’m thee
For I’m he who madeth the lords
For I’m who madeth the realms
For I’m who destroys it
For I’m he who is the lord
For I’m darkness
For I’m light