My introduction

Namaste everyone.

I grew up in fairly rural parts of Scandinavia, I have some Germanic and mostly Finno-Ugric ancestry.

Over a year ago, one of my friends introduced me to psychedelics and this made me begin to practice yoga and meditation regularly. Before this, I was a hardcore scientist atheist who only mocked any ideas of the spiritual.

After a few months, I had what I have to come to understand was a “kundalini awakening”. I had noticed that there were strong similarities between the psychedelic experience and what I experienced during meditation, this made me intrigued and motivated to go as far as possible into this new space. One day, I did something similar to the Tummo inner fire breathing meditation for over one hour and then I broke through; I saw the two serpents, one green and one pink, they moved through my body from the bottom of my spine in a DNA-like spiral and then they reached my head and opened my third eye.

The next two weeks were very tough, I barely slept anything, and I lost almost 10kg bodyweight. I had all kinds of vivid visions and dreams that I will never forget, most notably all of my visions contained animals of some sort. I came to understand that the different animals were metaphors for my spiritual growth, I started seeing sea slugs and jellyfish at the bottom of the ocean, and as I progressed through more yoga and meditation, I also progressed in this animal world to animals closer to the surface. I remember that leaving the water was extremely difficult for me, this was a big barrier caused by pretentiousness and lack of deeper understanding. I also had to connect with reptiles such as frogs and get into their mindset to finally get out of the water.

Looking back at this, I have come to understand that these were the animal spirits of my ancestors guiding me on my shamanic path. At this point, I didn’t even know anything about shamanism, but I have now been able to connect with some of my ancestors who apparently also were shamans and medicine men in Siberia and Scandinavia. Upon reading more about shamanism and talking to other shamans, it seems that it’s the most common method of initiation to get this kind of calling from your shaman ancestors.

I have now found a pretty nice balance where I regularly get into violent trances with my shaman drum, but I also do yoga and silent meditation almost everyday for relaxation. I also still take psychedelics sometimes, but I don’t really need them anymore as I can quite easily reach transcendental states without them. I’m now at the point where I get “high” on just a little tea, the full moon, or some breathing exercises, so psychs would probably be too much and distracting for me right now.

I have found Wim-Hof breathing in particular to be the most powerful technique for reaching higher states with, I really urge everyone to try this if you still haven’t. I found that if I had my eyes open during the breath retention and I focused my eyes on a single point in a certain way, I could start seeing an even pattern in a glowing color that flows through the whole world. I have come to understand that this is what is known as the Web of Wyrd or The Veil of Maya. By breaking through this web, I can direct myself to other worlds, and they seem very much in line with what is described in Nordic mythology. I have also gained a deep understanding of the elder Futhark runes as these runes can be perfectly “written” on the web. From what I understand, this is the practice of seidr, which has now become my main way of journeying. Presumably, one can also subtly alter one’s fate and reality itself by inscribing runes and intentions on the web, this is certainly a very exciting thing to explore!

Another practice that has given me great insight and really has tied everything I’ve experienced together is lucid dreaming. In some ways, I think the lucid dreams are the most powerful experiences. The fact that there are recurring characters and places prove that I am constructing a permanent mental world inside myself or somewhere else. The main thing that lucid dreams have shown me is the process of reincarnation, almost identical to what is described in the Bardo Thödol or the film Enter the Void .

As for creating independent characters, I have also come to understand tulpa creation to a certain point. I have also come to understand that there is a certain intersection between tulpa creation and seidr, as both practices involve the creation of mental objects that become self-replicating and and independent from the user. I have seen some of my tulpas appear during seidr for example, and I was able to inscribe the runes on the tulpas, thus changing them. I assume one could also create tulpas exclusively through seidr but I haven’t done so yet, I will need more experience before I can make a assessment about this.

The final specific technique I practice is that of shapeshifting, I know it was described that the most powerful gods such as Odin and Zeus did this, so I want to explore this technique more. To achieve this technique, you have to completely let go of the human self and ego and make yourself into something else. For example, you can sit or stand outside in a pose similar to that of a tree, you imagine yourself being a tree and you slowly let your mental roots go deep into the ground. This way you can connect with the other trees and plants in the area and gain a understanding of the earthly energies in the place. Shapeshifting can also be done during seidr, I have made myself into birds and snakes to reach places I couldn’t do in human form. Of course, shapeshifting seems to be very well established within shamanism in the form of totemism and the becoming of one’s spirit animal, I just find the mental transformation to be most important since an actual physical transformation is obviously not possible.

Right now, I’m trying to create a visualization and explanation of process of seidr and tulpa creation. Someday I also want to write a book about all my experiences and theories, mainly I want to encourage “psychonauts” to take a step further and learn how to journey without drugs. I’m also involved in neurocognitive research where we are also trying to understand these mental processes from a scientific perspective.


Awesome work, and thanks for the detailed intro, welcome to the madhouse! :smiley:


I just loved your introduction, it was a long read however very worth it. I Appreciate people who share actual experiences And it’s awesome the way that you’ve been able to manage to tie it all together.

So many people struggle with finding their path and it seems like yours found you and I really look forward to reading more on what you have to say.

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Welcome :smiley:

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