My Introduction

Hello becomealivinggod community,
I am Soyam Shrestha and am from a country named Nepal. As I was born in Nepal which is a very religious country, still I didn’t got my desires a from any religion. Until my friend talked to me about how people have got their desire fulfilled with certain rituals. It was previous year that happen, and since I have been reading books recommended on internet but nothing worked for me.

It was few weeks ago my same friend told be about invocation of Lucifer, and I tried that. As he said I fired candle and started chanting something that my friend had given to me. I believed that this time I was doing something new so their must be light and actually there was. The results where quite scary though as the blood I had sacrificed was converted into some words which were found to be invert of Persian language but half was only written. “He’s poisen” was what was written there. after this i tried invocation of Mepsitahl which I’ve already shared.
thank you,

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Ramro kaam garis ban aaba mg mepsitahl ra lucifer summon garnu parxa research gar

Welcome to the Forum! :smiley:

And that Lucifer Invocation of yours sounds very interesting. Very awesome! :slight_smile:

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, and welcome to the BALG forum.

Yes now I have a feeling for what kind of Practice you do welcome @triplex_mico To the forum and nice to meet you.